Good Morning, Mr. Rushion. I am in the research process of establishing a non-profit organization for youth in my community. Twice, I have been asked to join forces with an existing 501C. What’s your take on bringing/giving my information & ideas to another organization?  -Beverly


Please plant your own seed and start your own program. The reason we are talking today is because you have been frustrated by your previous experiences and you should not go down that road again. It is time to have faith in your vision and build your brand. Learn more here.

Hi, Good Morning! How can I break into real estate investing? I would like to flip houses and also purchase houses to rent. I need start up money also. What advice are you able to give? -Charmeka 


Why do you want to flip houses? Is it because of the TV and radio commercials that are all over the airwaves? That is a big questions, because it is not an easy task to buy, then sale in a reasonable timeframe. Do you want to invest or trying to sell homes that you flip only? Also have you ever been involved in real estate property sales before? So now you are probably saying that I have not responded to your question and that is true. This is not a quick answer and you need to fully understand what you getting into.

Hi Rushion! A good friend of mine is pursuing a career in motivational speaking and I am wondering if you could give some advice on how to get started other than social media videos and postings with memes? networking opportunities maybe too? -Mandy from MO


I need to know what audience is this motivational speaker trying to reach, because it will affect my answer. Because is it youth’s women organizations, corporate speaking or community outreach. Each one of these presentations are different. My next question is what is this person doing right and what is their goals in the next 18 months.

Good morning Mr. Rushion. I have one good loyal almost like a mentor big sis. Last time I saw her was two months ago. She normally would reply my text when I have not seen her within 10 days. But lately she has not been returning my texts. Only sent two so far because I know she can get busy. Should I call to check on her or just let her response when she wants? Could something be going on with her or me? I am asking because I don’t want to be texting her too much. Good people like her don’t come around a lot. Thank you -Emilienne


Being involved with a mentor is a two way street. Texting is the worse way to maintain a relationship. You have to start communicating outside of the text world. Texting is never a focused event. Sometimes we do it when we are doing other things and I don’t like that. You should call your mentor and if she does not mind you calling her. You should be texting. It will building a better relationship. Most importantly you will become more engaged in your mentors life and that is important too.

Good Morning. I’m in pursuing my home business producing 100% all natural home made doggie treats. What would be the best way to market? -Alis


You are truly a pet lover. I’m excited for you. I would go to popular doggie parks and set up shop and become a Doggie Food Truck stand. Summer is coming and you will become a big hit! Do you have any current customers that will help you promote your brand. Give them a few extra treats if they post you on their social media page once each week. I would do live videos every day of how much your animals loves to eat your home made doggie treats. Animal lovers are very cautious about their pets, so you have to gain their trust. So meeting them at doggie parks with your Doggie Food Stand will be a home run. Good luck!

Good morning. I would like to get into real estate. Where should I start? -Andrea


Research is the key to getting started in the real estate business. Do not be swayed by the many TV and radio commercials that flood our airwaves. It’s hard, so start by reading this article. Hopefully it gives you the knowledge that this is something that you really want to do. Here is some more information.

Good morning Mr. McDonald, I design butterflies for Women, Teen girls, and Infant girls that I want to start a worthy cause business with to bless the Indigent. I have my designs and the ideas for them that GOD spoke to me, but financing is my biggest issue. I could really appreciate a life coach to steer me in the right direction! Do you know of a reputable Sponsor that champion worthy Cause Startups please? Care Givers and Domestic Violence are near and dear to my heart. I would like for my first design to be in honor of my Mom. Thanks! -Pinkie


The popular way to seek funds for a worthy cause of GoFundMe. Getting a general sponsor is not going to happen. Have you created a business plan, because I feel that is what is missing from this conversation.

Good morning Mr. Rushion. My business was recently featured on Queen boss. I’m trying to get more exposure and corporate sponsorship. Can you please help direct me with that? I’m attaching an example of what we could do. Also, with mother’s day coming up, it would be great to get some publicity/day time TV appearances about being mother and daughter in business. As always, I appreciate you and value what you are doing for the community. -Melodie


A successful promotions does not have to be tied to TV or radio. You just appeared on TV, what was the reaction to your product on your website and social media page? It is important to know that marketing is a continual process. That is why you get weekly advertising circulars from Target, Best Buy and Bed Bath and Beyond. They understand competition. So I ask you Melodie, who is your competition for your product. Lets identify that first and build your promotional campaign for Mother’s Day!! Can you email me your website URL. I want to review your marketing and branding before I give you a response.