Good morning, Mr. McDonald. I am a 47 yr old lady and I’m looking to get my credit stright. This is something I want to do without the help of agents, I’ve asked several people for help, but it’s like when you want to do good someone always afraid of your well doing. In need of help this is my step one in my short-term goal list. Thanking you in advance.  -Veronica


You definitely don’t need an agency to get your credit straight. First you need to get your credit report from the three credit reporting agency. If you’ve been turned down recently the reports are free. You always start attacking the smaller accounts and pay the minimum on the larger accounts. You have to be patient and know this is a long term plan.

Hi Mr. McDonald how are you? Lots of people are turning their attention to AFRICA for developing business and investments-its becoming a HOT Topic. I hear so many good things about it across the board…fashion, music, entertainment, infrastructure, technology, real estate-commercial, residential and hospitality, education, banking & finance. So many INCREDIBLE things are happening there… What’s your take on Doing Business in Africa and some prime industries you deem safe for investment and partner-engagement.-Stephanie from FL


Before you invest in anything, this is all about research and relationships. You go to a bank with your money, because you trust the relationship, so if you are going to invest in Africa, you need to take your money to place that you can trust. Do not give to someone who knows someone, that will be a disaster. Are there tremendous opportunities for investment in Africa, YES! I get opportunities all the time, but until I can talk to someone that I can trust like my bank. I’m going to keep my money in my pocket and so should you.

Hello. What is the best way to license my business? I have a name for my company with businesses under it. Do I need a business license for each? The main name? I am ready to move forward but I want to do it right. Thank you for your input. -Clarissa from NY


You need to apply for a DBA in your state and when you visit the office they will assist you with your other questions because you can have one primary corporation and keep all of the money flowing into one bank account.