Are there grants for firstime small businesses in restaurant ownership?  -Helene from LA


There are areas in every major city, where they will offer you tax incentives to open your business in redeveloped neighborhoods. But you can contact your local small business administration to properly inquire about grants for restaurants.

Good morning. we have spoken before on several topics of me attempting to establish and grow my business. Im having issues with close friends and family wanting discounts or expecting me to lower prices as a “hook up” . Its usually for recipes, meal plans, and private services. How do i stand firm on my prices even with family and friends without losing clients?  -Felisha 


You will never stop the request for hookups. That is very disrespectful and you need to let them know that immediately. Now you need to take your product to the streets at festivals and city wide events. Also it is not a bad idea to create a roadside stand. I have a relative who is very successful with his road side BBQ stand. Every restaurant your city has to deal with the same problem of hookups, even Golden Corral. So stand firm. Now if they want to promote your services and pass out flyers for a hook-up that is different. So the next time they ask, please tell them what they have to do to get your food. If you have no money , then I need your physical services.

Good morning, I have been told by family, friends and strangers that I have “that” voice for radio, my question is, where do you recommend as far as school or just starting the “ball” rolling? I’m almost 40 (like Mr. Harvey was when he started, my motivation by the way) so I know time is ticking. -Marc


Congrats on the god giving talent. You should start by creating a website and start recreating commercials and gain transaction in the Voice business. Also you can set up your own internet radio channel and start producing your own radio show, but you need a music to play for your format. Finally you can do a once a week Facebook Live DJ show and showcase your voice talents and knowledge of music.

Good morning Rushion McDonald, I think I make the best Bbq in Texas. Any advice on how to start up my business? -Serena


Who is sampling your BBQ? You have to spread your inner circle and gain a relationship with a vendor or store that sales BBQ meat.

Hello. I wanna write a book on my life don’t know where to start can you help? -Cameo from TX


You start by outlining your life. That is called a Treatment. Then you select why your story will be uplifting to others.

Hopefully you will be able to help me. I’m just trying to find out how much does an ad cost on Facebook? -Eva


To boost a post on Facebook, can cost little as $10 and you can direct it to any age or demographic.