Every Monday I host a chat on my Facebook page called Money Making Conversations. People submit questions about how to grow their businesses and I answer from 12 – 1 PM ET. Here’s a recap of this Monday’s chat!

Besides book covers, what else what makes a book trailer exciting for you? Do you like more voiceover or on-camera? In my trailer I talk about the great content, valuable takeaways, and much needed message. What is going to sell you on a book trailer? I’m headed to produce video tomorrow and I’m starting from scratch. What do you need to see so that I hit a home run? – Karen


The two things I would look for are current footage of yourself and an exciting/enthusiastic voiceover!

I recently had a lady reach out to me she found one of my business cards in the lobby of an assistant living facility for the elderly, she is a outreach specialist and deals with managed long term care planning. She mentioned wanting to work with me and perhaps setting up a contract. How should I go about this? – Shaniece


A basic contract will outline the number of hours that you will work, your hourly rate or the cost of the project, and the conditions that you will work under. I would recommend contacting an attorney to draft a contract for you.

I am a self employed jack of all trades and do most of my business from home but the problem is I am running out of space. Do you think a storefront that has all kinds of specialties and goods could survive and thrive in today’s world or should I just keep doing what I do? – Tammi


Have you created a business plan? This will help you outline your costs and determine if you can afford to start a storefront. I would also recommend looking at the Small Business Administration website. They have great tips on how to jumpstart a new business: http://www.sba.gov/

I’ve been hosting my own radio talk show on a local hometown radio station for almost 5 years; and want to share this segment with more people. How do I take my radio segment idea to the next level or how to share it with other radio stations and shows? – Loretta


If your show has been on the air for five years, you must be able to document it’s successes when you are pitching it. If your show has been successful and you can show this, then it will grow!