It’s almost time for my Money Making Conversations chat today on Facebook! Here’s a recap of some of the best questions I received last week. I look forward to your success!

What advice would you give to an Independent Artist that wants to have a song played on a MAJOR Radio show, as an Independent Artist spotlight? – Danny


Here are some questions to ask yourself about your song.

  • Where is your song currently being played?
  • Is it part of your live performances?
  • How many many followers do you currently have on social media?

You need to be getting your song played in as many places as possible, and performing it in front of live audiences. You should also be growing your numbers on social media as much as possible, because these fans will be interested in supporting your music long term.

I’ve decided to add another service to my Home Care Agency, I would like to provide home blood draws for the elderly and disabled. I have been a phlebotomist for the past 11 yrs and I love it with a passion and I’m one of the best. I work for a really b ig lab and been with them for almost 10 yrs.. My question is would it be bad to promote my business while at work, I come across lots of potential clients while at work? – Shaniece


Does the company that you work for make you sign a non-compete agreement? If so, then promoting and running your side business actually might lead to you being terminated. It may also ruin your working relationship. You might be able to sit down with management at your current job and see if they are interested in contracting out your services for your side business.

I’m an Orlando,Fl based artist and I want no how can I be more successful with all of my music endeavors! – Shine


In order to be successful, you must be able to perform in a location where your fans can find you. It must also be on a consistent basis. You cannot be doing one show every 2 or 3 months. When I was performing my fans could find me every Thursday so I began to build up a fan base. That led to me landing my first big role in the movie “Jason’s Lyric.”

My name is Brandon and I’m 23. I’m am a comedian in Houston with a comedy club business that I’m trying to establish. My club will be a standalone club and have a liquor license. – Brandon


I used to own the comedy club “Hip Hop Comedy Stop” in Houston, TX so I know about running a successful comedy club! I would definitely check with the Small Business Administration. They were extremely instrumental in helping me launch my club and they they will be able to help you as well. They are very pro business and will give you everything you need in terms of licenses and paperwork!