Advice please for someone whose strength is coming up with great ideas. Great ideas that I believe could be successful. My issue is my strength is not in execution. I’m sitting on plenty of business plans that can be successful but I get stuck with trying to bring them to fruition. Please help! -Kynisha


You just need a partner. Have you discussed partnering with anyone? All partnerships are based on truths and you need a doer in your relationship. Also, when you bring a partner on board you will bring a different perspective to what is more value for your time. Stop leaving your great ideas on the table and team up with someone.

How do you sell a hand-crafted service that requires the customer’s personal pics? I want the customer to trust I will protect their pics (confidentiality). Thanks in advance for your response. Much appreciated.-Rochelle 


You know you can duplicate the quality level of any picture now. You do not need to use the originals anymore.

Good morning! I want to know how I can become debt free with college loans, college tuition for my daughter, mortgage and a car payment! Also, I’m trying to write a book of poetry. I have created them yearly over the past 13 years. As a teacher, each year I have an Awards Program where these poems are created based on the children I teach during that year! What steps are the best steps to take to make these two things happen successfully? Thanks in advance for your response and expertise! -Sharon


You need to start listing all of your monthly bills and then focus on paying off the smallest account first. You make the minimum payment on the other accounts. You should start posting your poetry on your social media and the ones that people like the most should be the ones you use for your book.

How to go about finding a Baker/Cake mentor for “free”? I’m in NYC. And if you are using, let’s say, Mccormick vanilla extract, how do you go about the company sponsoring on the use of their products in your cakes since it is a key ingredient in what I am baking? I cannot sleep on my divine cakes or baked goods. Please advise. Thank you so much! -Taminah from NY


I would love to feature you on my Baker Spotlight. You have to start building you brand and building followers through your social media. Thus I would honored to feature you monthly. Please look through my time line and you will see how I feature Talented Bakers.

Good morning. How do you feel about GoFund Me accounts set up to raise money? I am trying to build my brand by participating in food festivals. Now of course they have vendor fees and some are very high. What is the best way to tackle this? -Felisha from OH


Do you have to pay to be in the magazine? Please don’t. You just have to be patient and find your voice on social media. Right now you do not know who you are and that is why you keep posting to create engagement with you followers and they will start sharing your ideas.

Happy Monday. I sure do appreciate you doing this for us, God bless you… My question is: I’ve created a line of Bath Bombs that I’m selling out of my salon. It’s going well so far and it has only been 3 weeks. My question is, do I need a particular permit or is my vendors license fine? Should I register it somewhere ? Bath bombs are a fragranced, frizz, dissolvable ball that you put in your bath water that’s very popular. I love them and apparently so do a lot of people. #bathbomb -Pecola from OH


You do not need a separate license. But you do have to pay taxes on products that you sale. This looks very nice and looks awesome for Valentines.

I am Tiffany and I enjoy writing and I have so many different writing ideas going on in my head until I can never pick one idea and stick to it. I feel I could be as good as Tyler Perry. Some days I am motivated, some days I am not. I feel like if I just had the time I can write a master piece but then when I do have a few free minutes I get cold feet. I have the skills and tools to write. Please help me. -Tiffany from NC


Please pick an idea and start. Before you start writing, you need to outline your idea. This will keep you focused in the beginning, middle, and end.

Greetings Mr. McDonald, I have a new television show coming soon and I would like to know what is the best way to get on the scene to launch and possibly get picked up by one of the bigger networks? Also, how to reach out to potential celebrities I would like to interview without having any inside connects to the entertainment world? -Rhonika


Can you post me your sizzle reel for your show, so I can review it? In order to obtain interviews from celebrities, they have to know your audience and your media reach. Thus you need to be prominent on social media.

You’ve had a successful career in entertainment, how did you transition from the regular 9-5 world with a definite pay check and health care benefits, to the ups and downs of the entertainment business without becoming homeless or starving? Did you ever have a 9-5 or were you in entertainment from day one? -Aria


If you look at my bio you will see that I have a Math degree and I worked for IBM. I resigned and pursued a career in stand-up comedy. The key is that I did not let the fear of change stop me from moving forward. I signed up for uncertainty and it presented me with a lot of opportunities. Now, when you are given these opportunities you have to plan for success!