Good morning sir, I am looking to start a nonprofit but I need to be able to pay myself to do this. I am on SSDI & physically am unable to get a regular job so I’m trying to find something I love & can do at my pace that will supplement my income. Love helping people & giving back, would be great to be able to use that as a way to give back to the community & increase my income. Thoughts please…  -J Sabrina from NC

J Sabrina,

Have you started developing the manual and business plan? These are the things that are needed for you to get sponsorship.

Hi Mr. McDonald…I hope my question isn’t too late. I was just featured on the show Queen Boss on Centric for my product – How do I capitalize on that? -Melodie 


I love this shoe concept. I would really promote these to colleges and especially college growths.

Good morning Mr. McDonald, My sister and I are looking to start an event rental space company. We will provide the space, decor, and catering if needed. Should we secure our name first, then work on our business plan and recon on similar businesses? Then scout locations where we could have a presence, then look for funding? Any help would be appreciated. Be blessed. -Felisha from IL


You need to write up your business plan first. That is very important. Visit your local SBA for Free advice and they have a library to assist you in financial details.

Hi Rushion, You responded last week about using copies of photos for Scrapbooking business. That’s what I plan to do but was concerned with customers trusting with their photos in general. Do you recommend a Confidentiality Agreement? -Rochelle


Confidentially Agreement is not the problem. I do not understand why you have to handle the original photos. You can usually duplicate it and use that version. You customers will be a lot more comfortable and it will also grow your business.

Good morning Mr. McDonald! I missed the deadline last week, but I’m really interested in knowing how to find investors to expand when your business has reached a point of extreme growth? I’m not quite sure where to start. -Adriane from TX


If you are this successful, please create a business plan and visit your local bank or credit union. Credit Unions you have to join, but they are a lot more flexible in their loans.

Good Morning Rushion! As you know, I’m a publicist with my own company A. L. A. Public Relations. How do I rebuild/position my brand and overcome the negativity established by a well-known entity in my same field? I am doing ok with independent artists, but want to move back into the national arena but finding it difficult. Thank you. -Lori


First do not be in a hurry. Time heals memories and working with independent is a very good thing. Can you promote your past PR relationship? That is important in building your brand and marketing to strong independents.

Hello, My children’s book company McBride Stories has grown a lot in the past year. I have new celebrity partners and I have reached the milestone of 60 books published. I am in the process of hiring a personal relations consultant to represent my brand. In your opinion, how important is this step, and what qualifications should I consider before hiring someone? Thank you for your time. -Heddrick from NY


First of all, congrats and I have been loving your social media posts. You are becoming a force and it is showing in your growth. A PR must have relationships and before you sign with them they have to pitch you a presentation of how they are going to help you build your brand. You have to tell them what is important to your growth. They have to have contacts that you don’t have and they have to deliver on the interviews. You should give them a six month window.

Good morning. I took your advice from last week on declining to pay for advertisement in the magazine. I invested in a camera for live demonstrations to start posting. Is that a good start? -Felisha from OH


It is very important that you start understanding your brand and building it yourself. It takes time and a lot of people will take your money and will not advance your opportunities. Yes, doing itself may not yield big results immediately, but it will help you understand the success stories in your business and how to promote them.

Good evening Mr. McDonald…I would like to open my own boutique and small bakery….I found a building that is for sale $190,000…I really don’t know where to start nor how start…I need help creating a business plan…I’m in small south Georgia town.-Larounda from GA


Sounds like you are about to create a lot of debt for yourself. I would never buy a building. You need to create a business plan before you start. Please visit your local Small Business Administration office. Also, please focus on one business. The business that will be the most profitable. Fashion and baking are too extreme.