Thank you Mr. Rushion McDonald for this! My question is, how do you protect a name of an organization or business that you want to make public?  -Krystal


First you go to and buy the domain name. This is very important and also lets you know if your name has not been taken or being currently used in the internet space. Second you file a trademark.

I know you started your baking app. Can you provide some steps on the process of starting an app? -Kynisha from NJ 


You need to gain some knowledge before you get started. So please review this website.

I have an independent insurance agency in NJ. Licensed in multi states. This year will be my tenth year. I’m still struggling to get appointments to large companies because they won’t do business with me unless i have $5 million in premiums. So 90% of my business is through wholesale companies. Catch 22. I can’t get appointment unless I have $5 mill but i can’t make $5mill in premiums without an appointment. Do you have any suggestions on how I can overcome this roadblock? -Diane


I am a small business that does a lot of large events. Thus traditional insurance will not insure my services. That I have to use independent insurance and they generally contact companies to get services or coverage that they don’t service. What I am saying is that you need to create relationships with larger independent insurance brokers. Such Truman Van Dyke is one of the independents that I use all of the time.

I am right at 50 years of age and need to save money. Should I work 2 jobs? -Natalie


If you are healthy and can work two jobs and still have fun in life. Please do so. But the second job’s check should be 100% to your savings account. Otherwise you are defeating the purpose.

Good morning Mr. McDonald. As long as I can remember I have always wanted to own my own business. I didn’t know what until now. I have gotten into baking and it’s my passion. I been selling from my home but it’s time to expand. What’s the first step I need to take? -Jacqueline from AL


First I want to feature you in my Baker’s Spotlight. So I can give your company some free publicity in your area. Please post some photos to my page and I will highlight you. Second you need a business plan. I made the mistake of not creating one prior to opening the doors of my Comedy Club. You can go to the SBA office in your city and they assist for free in developing your business plan.

I am in Las Vegas about to go back to Seattle. Every time I find myself doing good, there comes bad. At this point I don’t really don’t know what to do. I am a strong, motivated driven woman but this is getting ridiculous. What do you suggest? -Sharon


I think you need to understand that bad is a part of life and don’t let it over power. I know, because I have had a lot of bad in my life and I never let it win. But also you have to have a plan to overcome bad and keep it out of your life. What is your business plan for your life. Create a short term goal first and then develop the long term.