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I’m 41 and recently graduated from college with my Associates. My area of concentration was communications media studies and prior to graduation I was looking for job and am still currently looking. In the interim since nothing has come up I’m volunteering at my local film commission and a local public access channel. My ultimate goal is to become a documentary filmmaker. This is a highly competitive industry and I often question whether my Associates enough in this industry. Since I’m at this crossroad I’m debating whether¬†to start my own company or to¬†continue my education. The only thing about continuing my education that concerns me is my age. – Danielle


There are no age limits when you are behind the camera; producing and creative skills are the key to success! There are lot of production houses in LA that produce reality type productions. You should contact them and remember that the only difference between reality and documentaries is creative tone. Start building your work resume and develop powerful relationships in the business.

I own a business helping people after a loss of a loved one. Do you think BBB accreditation is a good idea? And what about doing a news broadcast? – Keristan


BBB is excellent validation for your business. If you look good in front of a camera and have something to say, then please broadcast. Life is good!

I am trying to start a life coaching and non profit agency. What are the best ways to fund organizations with limited income? Is it smart to incorporate names of businesses earlier rather than later so that the name would not be taken when it comes time to really promote the business? РTenneaur 


First lets start with the name of your business. You have to have the name in commerce, so you can create samples to trademark your business brand. A non-profit needs to be registered in all 50 states if you trying to seek sponsorship or donation money.

When trying to put on an event independently, such as raising funds for Sickle Cell awareness, what is the best way to partner with other local organizations to get sponsorship and get small give-a-ways for the event? Are there certain businesses that should be targeted (large or small) and if the event is scheduled for mid-July, what time of year should I begin seeking sponsors, end of the previous year before their funds for the year are allocated? – Rebecca


I have sickle cell trait and I have a passion for finding the cure for the Sickle Cell disease. Companies generally distribute their funds for sponsorship in the Fall. Trying to get money in the spring is generally too late. You should start planning early in the summer and start presenting your pitch in September. Also, in order to get giveaways, you have to guarantee and audience and assure the company that they will be recognized for donating the product.

How likely do you think it is for a child care chain to secure sponsorships and possibly have sponsors assist with partnering in regards to growth and expansion (vans, new building, etc.)? Do you think people are really interested in sponsoring child care centers? I’ve reached out to several companies whose focus or corporate social responsibility is education…would you suggest reaching out to individuals? – Ke’Sha


It is about volume and if you are promoting a special service then you can get a sponsor. For instant if you specialize in new born babies, then you would naturally be using a lot of diapers. So you can probably get a diaper sponsor. Also, it is important for a sponsor to see the value of this relationship. You are in a very competitive field. What is separating from you competitors? The more unique you and you have volume or traffic for data collection. Then you will win!

I am a home baker, looking for information on how to start a storefront. I don’t have a current business plan. I did have a meeting with a financial adviser, to give me some tips. Is that the right way to go? – Janet Williams


You need to have a business plan. The business plan will allow you to project out your costs and see if you will be able to afford a store front, among other things. Here is a brief article on the importance of business plans: