Here is a recap of some of the questions from this week’s Money Making Conversations on my Facebook page. It was one of the best weeks yet!!! I hope to see you next Monday at Noon EST.

I’ve launched a new streaming platform for faith based content. We are targeting ministries, Christian comedians, entertainers, etc. I’d love to get your feedback: – Miguel


Just make this entertainment for every one. Church people come in all colors and sizes. Also you should call it inspirational and stay away from using Church, Christian and Gospel, because a lot of people will assume it is not something that they want to listen to.

Is it ok for a parent to relocate if it will help their child be successful in their areas of interest? For example my daughter loves the arts and I would love to be some place where there are a lot of opportunities for me to get her even more involved. I want her to be successful and I want to support her 100%. – Lisa


My daughter is an exceptional tennis player. She relocated with her mom to Phoenix, AZ for training, so the answer is yes. But do not lose your identity in the drive to support your child.

What if you really don’t know what it is that you want to do? I’m an accountant and it’s not fulfilling. – Latasha


I know the feeling. What do you want to do? I quit IBM and I have a Math degree. I changed directions, because I wanted to see what options life had to offer. But the number #1 reason people do not change is because of fear. Fear of failure, because there are no guarantees.

I know I have a great product (children’s book) but I lack the avenues to get my product to the masses. Do you have any suggestions for someone with limited financial means? – Ronda


Can you get your product to a few people and start building your brand. Getting the product to the masses is not always the best plan.

I’m wanting to open a Domestic Violence/Homeless Facility “House of Friendship” for women and children in Memphis, TN that will offer everything under one roof such as counseling, child care, beauty services, bible study, job readiness and other services to meet their needs. I’ve been working on this project for quite a while but I need your insight on getting this started. – Paula


The biggest problem is that you have chosen a business that you will not generate a lot of revenue. This is what I call a passion business. The people you want to charge generally don’t have any money. So I recommend finding a donor or church to help support your business plan.

I’m a Texas realtor part time. I have worked with my permanent employer for over 8 years. Great benefits & 401k. I however I’m so burnt out & am considering resigning in April. I have no doubt that I will do very well but is it wise to leave a position that doesn’t offer medical insurance. I’m in my 50’s & insurance is so vital. – Sheila


You can maintain your insurance through Cobra for 18 months. You can start your own SEP retirement plan for self employed people.

I am trying to start my own bakery in the Norther VA, DC area. I want to use my own money but I’m thinking about getting a partner. I’m really just unsure. – L. Renee

L. Renee,

You have to develop a consistent customer, before you start your business. You should start in your kitchen, then expand as the business grows.