Good Morning Mr. McDonald,

I love the media and entertainment industry; events, planning, development, networking and making a difference, but there are no opportunities in Chicago. I would love to work under your leadership if granted the opportunity. What are some relocation areas that are great in the media and entertainment industry? – Jaquia from Chicago, Illinois


You are definitely someone that I want to sit down and have a conversation with about your future. I always want positive people around me that are passionate about my brand. If you fit that emotion and have a skill set that will be a positive in developing my future, then we may have a conversation. Always remember that when pursuing opportunities, you meet the qualities of the company that you want to be a part of. You have to have a desirable asset. Now the top two media markets are NY and LA. I have lived in both markets and they are both truly different. New York has a stronger news related market, because it is on the east coast and LA has a stronger entertainment related market, because of the presence of so many production houses and TV studios. So you have to ask yourself: What type of career do you want?

Good morning! I have shopped my promo video for my cooking class to different people. But no response. How do you take rejection? And I am not sure what to do next with the video. – Amber from Plano, Texas


Please post your cooking video so I can see it. You are in a very competitive entertainment area. So don’t let the rejection get you down. But let me give you my reaction.

I am in the process of planning empowerment workshops. I am in need of ideas for marketing. Also have developers assisting with prototype and mock-up so I can pitch to investors and get developed and out to the market. – Debbie 


The number one reason for marketing is “Why would people attend your empowerment workshop?” That is your number #1 marketing angle.

Hello. What are your thoughts on giving an investor a percentage of your profits in return for money up front? I need more money to take my business to the next level. – Heddrick from Queens, New York


That is always a smart idea. People do it all the time. William Buffet makes a living doing this all the time! Now in order to convince someone that you are a good investment, you have to create a business plan. This business plan is based on your past success and your projected realistic future earnings.

Good morning. I recently published a book and had to fire the publisher for false advertisement but the book was completed. Now I’m searching for a print on demand company and a way to market my book. Any suggestions? – Kim from Hudson, Florida


I am sorry that you had to have that experience. Amazon is the top self publishing book company. I know a lot of friends who have had success using this avenue.

Hi my name is Cynthia and I have an idea about opening my own business, but don’t have the money. The idea is great and I believe it would be a very good business. How can I get investors to help me? And if not investors, what advice would you give me to try and do it on my own? Thank you! – Cynthia from Columbia, South Carolina


A good way to get people involved in your dream is through sweat equity. They provide a service for a piece of your pie. But you write the agreement with time restrictions, so they have to stay committed for the long run. This is a good way to get your idea off the ground and not ask for any money, only their special skill and services.

Mr. McDonald, people say that you need a team to succeed but it’s extremely hard to find people that are not selfish to help support your vision. How do you go about building a strong team that can conquer together? – Felix from New York, New York


Everybody you meet doesn’t share the same enthusiasm. You should start with your friends and relatives. My relatives were very key to me being successful. They worked the doors of my comedy club and supported me when no else believed in me. So I would start with my relatives first, then my friends. Felix, I am sure that there are people out there who believed you just have to start telling them your plan for SUCCESS!

My name is Rufus, an unknown writer but I am passionate about being writer and publishing a book. I would be the first author in my family. I am wondering if I would be considered a success if I don’t make a lot of money? Through my writings I help people with their problems, and I am never wanting anything in return. – Rufus from Cleveland, Ohio


I remember you from past Money Making Conversations. Rufus, if you want to help people you need to start a blog. In my many conversations with you I have discovered a person who is very passionate, but you have not developed your voice or point of view. A blog will help you do that and eventually lead you to writing a book. I feel that a lot of people should write a blog before writing a book, so they can clearly understand the direction in which they want people to understand where they are coming from. People always ask me to write a book, but every week that I do Money Making Conversations, it has helped me clearly understand the direction of how I want to communicate with people in the future in regards to their brands and careers.

After I saw this video, I was inspired to write a screenplay called “True Freedom,” which is about a young black kid and his journey to manhood. Steve Harvey said (in the video), “Manhood is a discipline series of events.” My film attempts to answer the question: Can manhood exist without responsibility? I need advice on how to pitch the screenplay. Can you refer me to someone who can sit down and listen to my presentation? – Isaac


there are plenty of managers and agencies in Los Angeles that will hear your ideas. Just contact Samuel French Bookstore and buy the book called Backstage Call Sheet.