I want to talk about running a consistent business and maintaining your principles of success. While watching the Big Game on Sunday, I saw the Carolina Panthers change their principles of success. Throughout this season, they have been known as a “fan first team” and rode on the energy and brilliant smile of Cam Newton. Well, on Sunday they did neither. When Stewart scored the touchdown, he refused to give Cam the football to give to a fan. When Cam didn’t display his energy and dabbing smile, the offense sulked. Yes, Denver’s defense led by Miller was brilliant, but the Carolina Panthers changed their principles of success from a fun-loving team on offense to a selfish one that got caught up in the moment. They were a non-energized team in the game, and Cam’s postgame interview was disappointing. Russell Wilson threw the worst interception in history, and he gave a great postgame interview last year. So, Carolina Panthers, this defeat was a good loss. You will be back and when you return, please don’t change what you were doing all season on offense. I turned on the game to watch the dabbing Carolina Panthers and all I saw was a team that changed their principles of success!

I am getting ready to release my second book. I paid the first two publishers over $5,000 to make my story come alive. I worked so hard on different jobs trying to make my dream come true. I didn’t write my story to make money I wrote it so I could get all that mess out of me and now that I’m free from it all and people reading the story telling me that you have a movie on your hands. My question is where do I go from here? – Sharon


You should write your story to make money. Sharon, we are in the busy of making money. If you make money for a company, then you become an asset. So please do not say that quote in the future, because you will get what you have right now…frustration. I appreciate the fact that you are a hard worker, but please stop producing and paying for books until you have a plan for success.

Hello, thanks in advance for this opportunity. I have a few inventions that can change the world and some lives. But I don’t know where to start. Right now, they’re just on paper. – Leatha


Have you seen any of the George Foreman commercials? Have you contacted Invent Help? Now, if you don’t want to do any of these things, then you need to produce a prototype of one of your inventions, so you can get an investor.

If a contract agreement is presented and it mentions a split for future revenues, what is the best way to present the question of if a past business associate prior to contract places an order, that it should not be split 50/50 because it was an associate prior to the agreement? Is that fair to ask? – Premise from New York, New York


That is a very fair question to put in a contract. So please add it to the agreement. You want to get paid for future opportunities with your new partners. You do not want to share on your past achievements. I feel by adding this language, you are setting the stage for everybody to work hard on a healthy business future. But you have to outline the companies that you are featuring as past business, you cannot randomly add companies that you remembered when they contact you. Outline everything and be honest and you will have a winning relationship. Life is good!

Hello Mr. Rushion McDonald, I founded a sock company by the name of Young Hearted Socks. We create socks for all ages and demographics in all styles, from casual sport wear to high end dress. Recently, we created a sock containing 24 karat gold. It would be an honor to gift you and Mr. Harvey some socks, and come on air to talk about our ethically, American Made hosiery. We were lucky enough to get our 24 karat gold socks featured on TMZ. With that said, I hope all is well and I look forward to your response. Take care. – Kyle from Atlanta, Georgia


This sounds like something that we can showcase on our Just One More Thing Segment on the Talk Show. Please email the supervising producer on the Talk Show with pictures. Please be organized and professional, because no one is doing you a favor. You are providing content for the Talk Show, so your presentation has to be OUTSTANDING!

Good morning sir, I have a question. What would you say is the secret key to building your brand globally? – Felix from New York, New York


The secret to building a brand domestically and globally is the demand for your ideas or your product. Life is based on opportunity and when people have a need to promote for others to buy something, it is based on the opportunity to improve their life or it is motivation to make someone feel good. Now you can use social media as your platform for success. That is exactly what I am doing with Money Making Conversations. It started as an idea base on the fact that I am fulfilling an educational need in business and life skills. My strongest selling point is that you are getting this advice for FREE!

How do you know that business you are starting meets the demand? – Yvette


Here is a nice article to read to get those creative juices flowing. “Know What Your Customers Want Before They Do

I thought being an author would be so frustrating. It’s not putting in the effort that’s frustrating, but people telling you why you shouldn’t try. Yes, they tell me I’m talented, even gifted, but they know the guy I used to be. I start something and I never finish. Giving up isn’t an option. I refuse to be the guy I was, but what should I do to get people off my back without being mean? I’m a good writer with vision and heart. I’m not educated, but I try harder than most who have education. – Rufus


When people starting changing the biggest problem that they have is that they want people to start noticing the change and accept this “new person” as the person that you are going to be moving forward. I have a brother who has been in jail three times. Every time he got out he stated to me that he had changed and because he went back to jail two more times, it should let you know that he did not change. Well, you have to be consistent and rebuild their trust and that will not happen overnight. I believe you can do it. But if you are getting frustrated, then you need to look in a mirror and admit that it is not a justifiable emotion from you. Building trust comes through patience and consistency. If you have that then you will eventually WIN back their faith!

Good afternoon. I want to start a website for people. I’m not a techie. It consists of a lot. I know people would love it. Where do I start? – Caron from Brooklyn, New York


for your website you need to outline the idea and discuss it with several people whom you trust. The outline is very important, because it will allow you to see the website in a logical manner before you start spending money. That is the first thing you should do. When you have accomplished that task, then please come back to Money Making Conversations and I will respond!

I was told that I need to get my story to Tyler Perry, and trust me, I have tried, but in order to do that you have to have an agent. I can’t afford one at this moment. So, what I am going to do is do a play based off my story and pray that doors will open. What do you suggest? I’m moving to Atlanta to do this because you don’t get the support here in Seattle, WA. – Sharon from Seattle, Washington


Agents do not charge you any money. Nor will a good reputable manager charge you any money. First of all, Tyler Perry is not the only company that produces African American projects. You need to contact the bookstore Samuel French in Hollywood, CA, and purchase a book that lists the agents and managers who accept new material. Do not chase your dream with seeking one person when there are so many more opportunities.