I am a distributor for V3 water, and it’s a new product that I’m trying to get in stores. But, I don’t know how I would go about drawing up a business plan that would be beneficial on both ends. I have some upcoming presentations coming up in the next couple months and I’m good on the information end, but I need help with the money or drawing up a legit business plan. – Oliver from Houston, Texas


There is good news because Houston has a Small Business Administration office and they will help you with your business plan. They helped me back in 1992 when I opened my comedy club, the Hip Hop Comedy Stop, in Houston. Their services are free and they also have a tremendous library of information that will help you learn more about your business and how to market your business. There is help my friend, just take advantage of it. There is still much more work to be done!

Good Morning Mr. McDonald,

I was wondering, is there a age limit to start a business or to do something that makes you feel successful? Just wondering. – Rufus from Cleveland, Ohio


There is no age limit to starting a business. You can make the same mistakes, no matter what age you begin a business. That is why planning and consistent execution is the key to a business being successful. Also, proper research and honestly evaluating if you have the time to commit to your business dream. Because, to start a business is not a part-time job!

Hello Rushion,

I have written a web series. It is completed and I’m ready to start filming. The problem is trying to pay all my actors and actresses. It is something I’m not able to do. How can I go about finding individuals who are trying to get a role in acting where the pay is minimum to none at times? Can I go to local colleges and ask the drama classes, etc.? I do have some really great actors who have reached out that are willing to act. They have been on Empire and Soul Food, and I don’t want to hold them up because I don’t have everyone. Please help with any advice. I tried working with family and friends and it didn’t turn out good due to our personal connection. They would call last minute saying they couldn’t show up, etc., and I’m paying for this alone. So I don’t want family and friends because I don’t want to cause problems. I love them and I would rather keep my business separate. How can I get actors? – Nicole from Richton Park, Illinois 


You shouldn’t have to pay anybody to participate in your project. You should just guarantee them the video of their performance and that should satisfy their pay. You should hold an organized and professional audition and the actors will understand that it is not for pay, but for the opportunity. All cities have local actor workshops and you can submit your flyers at these and you can post your information at any talent agencies and the local actor’s guild. But you should not have to pay anybody to participate in your project. I know, because early in my career I did it many times and appreciated someone believing in me!

I make ties. I’ve had success with individual sales and even some stores interested in my product, but I’m having a problem with funding. Would you suggest a loan, partner or investor? – Jamil from Dallas, Texas


Have you created a business plan for your business? That is needed so you can understand your profit and loss platform. A plan will allow you to see the opportunities for success and failure with your business. Then, you can seek an investor or partner.

I met a ventriloquist and he’s about 69 years of age. He wanted me to look at his work as an entertainer, looking for me to provide some feedback. I told him his work is amazing and I’ve never met anyone as good as he is. My question is at his age, and people no longer are looking at ventriloquism, do you think he should continue trying to go after his dream? The man is good, I wish I could help him. – Sharon


Is he performing anywhere? Because he can promote himself as the world’s oldest ventriloquist! I would love to see his work. He can work on cruise lines and everything!

Do you have knowledge of how to sell intellectual property outright? – Debra from Blacksburg, South Carolina


Have you visited this site for assistance? http://www.theipbuzz.com/

I am a Licensed Ordained Evangelist, Gospel Artist and Author. The mother of a miracle daughter who was given up for dead but thanks to the amazing grace of God, she has survived 6 brain surgeries for ruptured/unruptured aneurysms. I have had a divine visitation with Jesus Christ. My career is too slow in getting ahead. May I please be a guest on the Steve Harvey Talk Show? – Candy from Los Angeles, California


You can go to www.steveharveytv.com and submit your story. Have you done so yet? Also, you can pitch your story to Dr. Phil too, on his website. This is how we get our stories for Steve’s show. Steve is not the only talk show that does emotionally motivating and inspirational topics. Please expand your options and it will give you more of an opportunity to be successful!

I was wondering, when writing my books, which are all true stories, do you think I should put them on Amazon? – Sharon


I advise you to put your books or promote your books on a platform that will give you the highest level of success. Amazon is a great platform for individual authors, but the problem is most people have is they think that by putting the book on Amazon. It is going to automatically sell! You have to continue to promote your book and market your book.

Hello Rushion! I just wanted to thank you again for your interest in my reality projects and for taking the time to look at them and the feedback that I received from your assistant in perfecting the projects for pitching. I will continue to work on these projects as well as work on forming a team to support me during the process as I work on other genres/materials that I have as well. Continued blessings/success to you! – Tymeka


Thus is why I created this platform, Money Making Conversations. I am not here to make money, but to assist people in planning the correct direction for success in their life. Please stay in touch and I look forward to communicating with you in the future.

Enlighten our people on circulating the black dollars in our neighborhoods… – Violet from Dallas, Texas


Circulating black dollars in our neighborhood is why the Neighborhood Awards was created. Steve Harvey TV and I want to shine a light on the positive business success stories that drive our community. We will be producing our 14th awards show in Las Vegas and it’s important people understand the key to supporting neighborhood entrepreneurs. We start nominating local businesses the first week in May. Please check out www.neighborhoodawards.com.  Violet, thank you for this post. Life is good!