I’m very good at giving advice on all topics but mainly family, nonprofit & entrepreneur. It’s like a gift so I’m thinking about starting a consulting service. I’ve been reading about consulting but I’m still unsure of where to start but my mind won’t let this idea go.  -Priscilla from IL


Have you set up a business plan for your business? Consulting is very broad and you have to pick your lane and focus on the opportunities. So you need to look at the advice you have given in the past and see if it is in a consistent lane. If not you need to develop your consulting business and stay in that lane. Life is good! Please visit your local SBA office in your city. Their services are free and the information is too.

I have a catering business and would like to increase my sales. It’s a very competitive market in my town. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your response. -Lynn 


I went to your facebook page and you are promoting the Dallas Cowboys Logo. So that means that you are not constantly pushing your catering brand. You have to get your catering on Yelp, listed on all of the search engines and social media is your most powerful resources. Your first assignment is update your facebook page and start posting pictures of your catering on Instagram. Your brand is catering and when communicating that is all you should be showcasing. You have to start marketing 100% about what you want people to know about you and that is catering. Focus on your brand and success will come your way.

I have been in the culinary field for over 30yrs I’m wanting to start a small business. I thought about getting a food truck first then later open a small cafe later. I live in LasVegas I even thought about doing a food delivery service to the celebrities when they do their concerts out here because alot of times they are on the road for awhile and haven’t had a good home cooked meal. Please help me with any suggestions. -Helene from NV


You should register for Uberfoods. It will immediately increase traffic for your business.

What are the first step to starting a business, if it’s a Restaurant? -Cassandra from CA


Your first step is a business plan. You should visit your local SBA office and they will supply you with information on how to start a business plan.

I just started my consulting company. I advise small banks about the regulatory changes and requirements of the FDIC, federal reserve, and OCC. With the new administration I anticipate a lot of changes. Can you give some information on how to safely grow my business and add additional consultants? What is a reasonable time frame?


Bonus structure is key, because it is your motivation tool to build your company. It’s the ultimate carrot stick. Hourly plus Bonus, can grow your brand. They also need to be willing to market your company too.

Mr. Rushion I want to thank you for giving/helping small businesses with your wisdom. I am trying to get exposure to my security guard company and I don’t know how to do it… I do promotions on Facebook, ig, and I have a website… I have tried to reach out to Steve Harvey but he wants way too much money. Lol Do you have any suggestions to help get exposure for my company? -Clinton


Yes sir. I spotlight small companies weekly on my Fan Facebook page. It’s called Money Making Conversations Spotlight. It’s for free and you just need to post pictures to my page to be selected. This spotlight is about bringing exposure to your business.

Good evening. I would like to start an online Stationery store, but I’m having difficulty locating suppliers. Any suggestions? Maybe I’m using the wrong terms for my searches. -Sanya


Is this what you are looking for… http://wholesale-stationery-office-supplies.hktdc.com/manufacturers/Wholesale-Stationery-Manufacturers/en/12747-1/

Since participating in your Q&A , and taking your advice a lot of great things are happening. I’m having trouble, however, determining what state to file my DBA in or if it’s even the right route to go. Also what are you suggestions on how to market myself for possible live in/travel to home personal chef jobs? -Felisha from OH


Where are based or file your taxes is where you should file your DBA. Personal Chef Jobs are very limited, but what is not limited is Uberfoods. This is a booming business for daily catering services or people who produce specialize food. My young nephew has a road side Barbecue Stand and his Uber business is off the charts.

Hello Mr. Rushion! My question is how do you use social media to drive traffic to your website? -Nicole


The information that you have on your about page should be on your main page. Because your main page is not explaining your business. You need to get me excited on this main page. So me my savings and how I can win by buying on your site. None of this information is provided on your site.