I LOVE to cook. I started selling plates this year along with baking (cheesecakes, cookies, pound cakes, peach cobblers etc. And I also sell my dessert jars. Everyone loves me food. I hated my 9-5 which was in the medical insurance field which I’ve done for years. I had a coworker pull me to the side and ask why am I here. She went on to say God gave me a gift of cooking and I should pursue it. I’ve gotten so frustrated trying to figure out my first step and what to do next. I’m unemployed and selling a small amount of goods. When I’m asked to make something I’ll do it but I’m not marketing at all. Well my fear of it’s going to be to hard or doubting myself thinking just go back to work. I don’t know what to do next. It’s like I have no ummph to pursue because of being afraid. Can you point me in the right direction?  -Chante from MO


You will never reach your full level of success unless you prepare a business plan. Also, you have to start setting goals. This is why you are not gaining any ground in your catering. I would also look at a temporary job agency for consistent income while you develop your marketing and business plan. I would look for a job in the food or restaurant business. You need to learn more about what you doing to enhance your career plans.

I hope all is well! Question: At the “grinding recognition” (getting some recognition) phase of your career, what kept you motivated outside of your belief in you? I am a custom jewelry designer and I’m in that phase now. My belief in me and my Faith is keeping me afloat. I’m not so much worried about the fame as much as I want others to experience the ministry behind the product. Thanking you in advance for the advice. www.alsife.com -Kimberly 


Your website looks great. You should do Sunday truck shows at Churches around the city. Your jewelry looks great and I would also put magnetic business signs on your business. What keep me afloat is that my goals were always short and reachable. What frustrates a lot of people their goals are too big. Goals should be steps on a ladder. You don’t try to climb three steps at a time on a ladder. If you did you would be taking risks and you would lose your balance. So treat everyone of your success stories as a step on a ladder and when you reach you goal. Please add some extension to the ladder, because you have not reached the top.

My name is Oscar Weston. 2016 went out really smooth…Christmas I sold the most cookies I’ve every sold for a holiday and it was all by accident from one post of a platter of cookies for a friend. Then everyone wanted a platter(s) or boxes! This month I want to extend my business in an avenue I know I would profit from. My question is…”should I start a GoFundMe to help with the start up of my business to get the tools I need to open a wide open door that I can’t personally afford but but I know I have the support of friends and family and those who love my baked goods?”  -James


You can request this on gofundme, but I would continue the pattern of your Christmas success to make sure that this is a legitimate approach to marketing your cookies. I like it, but now we need to seek a lane of consistency before we start asking on gofundme.

Hope all is well. We met at the Merge Summit a few years ago, I was the only white Mexican in hour Panel. I am the host at Universal CityWalk in Hollywood and I want to host my own show. How do I go from point A to point B? www.thefernandoduran.com/videomorning -Fernando from Hollywood


Your sizzle reel does not reel and does not show you doing anything unique. You have to redo this sizzle reel and display your talents.

Good Morning Rushion McDonald – we recently did a soft launch for my daughters (9 years old) new business Bailee’s Nail Box – are you still working with Steve Harvey? I would love to get her on his new Dream Show. -Bernetta from Mableton


Yes, I still do business with Steve Harvey. But you have to submit your idea or pitch through their submission process.

As you know Orlando and I have started our family BBQ sauce business…we use social media for advertising but the news is still not getting out like we want….what other ways can we get the new out? -Eva


You are in a very competitive field. You need to create recipes for your sauce that is not tied to Barbecue and post those pictures. Plus you should do a weekly Facebook Live using your barbecue sauce.

Happy New Year! My first question of the year is do you know of any Talent Managers or Talent Agencies that are looking for new clients for 2017? -Michael


Talent agencies and managers are always looking. You just need to put yourself in a winning position. You can need to purchase agency and managers book from Samuel French in Hollywood. But you need to submit your information for representation. This is how I did and I have recommended it to others. Here is a URL Link. http://www.samuelfrench.com/…/talent-agents-mailing…

First off I saw the IG post of your baking ‘in the name of love’ segment you taped for the upcoming Steve Harvey show in Feb and the food looks LOVELY absolutely delish!! So y business question today was just following up to see if Alex Duda had a chance to look over what you sent her on my company www.datenitebox.com to be featured on the show.. or if you heard anything back… good or bad? I think it’d be a great addition to any of these shows focusing on LOVE in Feb – as Date Nite Box encourages couples not to limit love to one day but keep the fun going with dates all year round!!! -Toni from CA


I am very glad that you reminded me. Please send your presentation to me today and I will email her a reminder. Life is good.

Good morning Rushion. I am a 52 yr old working in a service industry as a business analyst with 33 yrs experience including leadership. I always had plans to retire early, 55 or so, but with one in college and a 13 yr old, the math doesn’t add up! I can draw some retirement at 55, but would need to get a second career to fill the income gap. Any suggestions on how to go about researching and deciding on a good fit? I’d be glad to email you some info on my work experiences to get your input. I’d even be willing to work for free for a few years, to prove myself, any thoughts on executing on this? -Todd from IL


What type of service industry is level of expertise? Also, with your talent I would look at temporary employment agencies. They could really use you services both full and parttime.