My question is regarding starting a small business. Is it better to get an LLC Or Trademark?- Coby 


A trademark protects your rights to your brand so no one can steal it. An LLC is how you are doing business and the format that you will use to file your taxes. You will need both.

I am having difficulty bouncing back from identity theft. Where do I turn? – Fran


I have had identity theft happen to me twice in my life. You should be patient and start limiting the amount of credit that you use. Were you stuck with any of the charges? You should not have been.

I think I mentioned my interest in developing merchandise. I have been collecting sample items that I’ve seen and like in preparation for future book events; one author had cute temporary tattoos to give away.

I’d like to look at a wide variety of promo items and start determining which ones to give away at events and which ones/what types should be for sale. Could you offer some suggestions on how you develop/design these types of items? – Sharon


You need to create a small pitch party. In this party you should pitch your book and have people give you promotional ideas that fit or tie-in to your book.

When asking someone to look at your project, is it best to pitch more than one concept at a time or focus on one? – Edwyna 


I love to pitch more than one idea when I have a meeting!

If you’re living a dream and you believe with all your heart this is your year not by talking about but putting in the work and sweat, why do some try to kill your dream because they don’t have one of there own?

My intentions are clear and I refuse to stop taking my steps forward. I won’t give up for nothing or nobody! My manuscript has purpose. It’s bigger than me and can do more good than make money. It’s about the purpose behind book that makes it great. – Rufus


I don’t worry about people who don’t believe in my dream so you should start doing the same! Use 2016 as a season for change and putting people around you who want to help your brand and dreams.

I don’t have any money at all. I want to start a business, but where do I begin? I just have an idea for a business. – Melissa 


I understand you have no money, but have you created a business plan? The business plan is key to potential investors and also allows you to see the validity of your dream. Business Plan development is the key! You have to outline that first.

When does pitch season usually run through? What is the time frame when networks, producers, show runners are receptive to receiving new shows for development? – Dale


July – September is the primary pitch period.

When you are trying to start a brand and you know in the future you are going to expand, how many products is a good start to get your name out there? With candles, should there be just one scent that you push and push or should you have a selection? And how big should your collection be? – Heather


Is your brand candles? Now you know that people don’t buy candles on a regular basis so you are moving into a business area where volume purchases do not happen. Have you put together your business plan?

My father used to invest my money but now I need to learn how to carefully and successfully invest. Where do I begin? – Natalie 


You need to talk to a trusted expert. Please contact my friend Sonia at Merrill Lynch. There are no gimmicks or tricks, just good sound advice. Sonia’s work number is 404-231-6997.

Unfortunately the success has come to a standstill at my current position. It’s been at a standstill for 14 months now and as a result, I’ve began seeking advancement elsewhere. I’ve gone on several interviews but no bite. I’m educated, experienced, humble, and yet nothing.

I currently work in the healthcare/mental health field. I have aspirations of becoming a Director or fulfilling some type of managerial role. As far as the success, I’m continuing to put out the same effort…”do more than what you’re paid to do, that way one day you’ll be paid more for what you do.” In the past I’ve had promises thrown my way. Promises that were unfulfilled. As a result I’ve kind of distanced myself. Limited the dialogue between my executive administrator and myself. And then there’s that feeling of being used or over-utilized. – Dame


I would go back to this person and have a positively honest conversation about your dreams and expectations and ask this person to help show you the way. I felt this same way at IBM and discovered I was going about it the wrong way. Until I had a meeting with my supervisor and asked them for help developing a winning plan for me to succeed I was just another disappointed employee! So please sit down and ask this person to help set up a plan.