What’s the next move to recover from identity theft? – Fran


This happened to me. Your next move is to reduce all credit cards down to one; make that two if you have a business. Eliminate how they stole your identity. When it happened to me, I had my driver’s license number and address on my checks. Also set alerts for all credit bureaus.

I have a follow-up reply regarding a recipe that needs minor tweaking. How do I get help with my recipe from a cake expert who does not know me, but loves a good cause? – Sheila


Do you have a cake recipe that is just no good? You will do better to not try to go through a cake expert and seek help from family and friends. I would also consider taking cooking classes like this. They will be able to help you with your recipe.

I’m in healthcare and love my profession but I’m ready to advance majorly. However, I am a single mom, taking care of a disabled mother and semi taking care of a disabled brother, and a current student. What can I do to enhance my income and fast? – Eskco


If you have a full time job that you enjoy, you will have to find ways to add income in a non-traditional way. You could consider offering at-home care; you can typically set your own rates for this. You can also consider extra income through Avon or Mary Kay, or consider offering a maid service that you can do on the weekends.

I have friends who have a successful barbecue business in a small town in Southeastern Arkansas. They are in the process of opening a second place in another nearby town. How can they guarantee the same quality of food and service in the new location? The first location is doing exceptionally well and they want to do the same in the second. I know the first location has the owner/operator on site all day long. It will be different with him splitting his time with a 35 to 40 mile difference. – Gwendolyn 


This is an excellent question and very important in the expansion business. Part of it is common sense and the other part is attention to detail. Please read this article and you will find it very helpful. These people cannot change or alter his menu or taste. They have to be loyal to his brand if he has some secret recipes. He should mix them prior to their use and everything has to be measured and nothing added to taste.

My daughter is a freshman in high school and wants to go to Harvard Law School. I make $8.00 an hour. I am considering a career change into truck driving to help make that possible financially? What your thoughts – Waymond


This is the perfect time for this question because she is a freshman. She needs to focus on her academics; if she excels, she will be offered scholarships. Make sure that this is her dream and not yours. There are plenty of financial aid options as well. It is always great to evaluate your career, but these are essential too.

Why does fear hinder so many? I am trying to find something in life worth striving for, but a business is already hard enough to start up. How do you get past your fear of trying when giving up seems so easy? – Rufus


Ask yourself why you are giving up. To accomplish your dreams is hard work. Nothing happens overnight. If you don’t have patience, you will quit. My road with Steve spanned many years; it wasn’t instant.

What are the three keys to building a brand from your experience? I am a public speaker who speaks on inspiring people to live their best lives. – Geovanni


You should be posting motivational statements on your social media daily so you can start building your brand. One day each week you should post a motivational video to start building your brand and finally you have to make sure that your platform is consistent and you don’t change it.

What is the best way to market an independent book? – Edwyna 


Focus on social media and blogs. Learn all you can about these two avenues. Look at articles on the web about how to do these two things on a professional level. This is a great site for social media help.

How do I stop living from paycheck to paycheck on a single mom income ? – Dawn 


Here is an article that will help you. Also, here is a tip that helped me when I was in your situation: stop spending extra change; have a bowl that you place your extra change in and this will help you save more!

I am a Certified Travel Agent from home and looking to know how I can brand my business. – Arnetta


This used to be a very lucrative field until Priceline stepped in. Also, with airlines all having travel apps it has made a very difficult field to build as a career. Now, you can go to some travel agency schools and they will take a percentage for you to use your services. Arnetta, please contact Kaliqua@steveharvey.com and she can probably help you with any additional travel related questions. I funded her travel business.