I attended a Merit Symposium for actors, writers, directors, and producers in Atlanta. I was afforded the opportunity to present my movie screen pitch to Roger Bobb. I did exactly as he instructed me but have not heard back from him. I have sent follow up emails with no response in return. How many times should I reach out to him without being overly aggressive? How you do you really get your break into this industry when you are new and no one knows you? – Roxanne


You should continue to send polite reminders until he tells you to stop. Roger Bobb is a good producer. He just emailed me last week about the Rickey Smiley show. I always tell people to reach out to me. If they stop before we connect, then it is their failure. Also, remember you are not the only person trying to reach him. Please keep me posted. Life is good!

When it comes to launching a product, I’m having the hardest time planning which direction to market my desserts. I make adult desserts with very seductive names but I get really iffy about who I advertise them among. Please help me – Kita


Why do you think there is a large market for your desserts? You seem to be iffy with how to promote your brand. You should just be selling great desserts, Playboy magazine is not even publishing nude photos in their magazines anymore! That should tell you that adult themed topics are becoming very jaded and people are looking in a different direction.

You should promote your incredible desserts and let your brand grow! The bottom line is that the adult theme is very limited and social media does not allow it. When Playboy dropped nude pictures from their website, their age demo dropped and their web traffic increased.

I have a consulting company that completes the 501(c)(3) nonprofit application packet for aspiring nonprofit leaders. My question is what is the best way to promote my services? – Susan


I will be putting you on my referral list. I am constantly asked this question and I always send them to the government site. This is a blessing. You now have a friend in Rushion McDonald! If everybody is interested in learning how to to start or the benefits of starting a 501C please contact Susan Woods at her website.

I have completed manuscripts that I believe are highly marketable, but as an unknown writer my efforts have been somewhat hindered because I don’t have representation. Is there a platform where writers can share their work and solicit producers/filmmakers? – Tonia


Please contact Samuel French Book store in Hollywood. They sell books that let you know managers and agents that will read new material. That book store was how I got started and it can help you too.

I was very fortunate to have my production of#BlackGirlMonologues open to a sold-out, standing room only crowd of 600+ guests on 12/12/15 in Central NJ. We have sold almost all the tickets for the next show in April. I believe because the concept is so different, it is about women empowering women with their truths. However, I’d like to know your advice on the next steps in eventually gaining national attention for this production and growing it’s success across this country? – Yolanda


Now you have to get the media out to cover your show. I would tell you it would be better to do a smaller theater and do more shows. That way you can build your brand and more people can see your show. Keep building it through social media, but you have to get local media coverage. Invite local radio personalities, even if you have to send a car service.

In my youth and twenties I was an all events DJ and sound business (on the side) while holding down a 9 to 5. As I matured, I developed my events and entertainment business which has lead me to being a radio personality, red carpet host, travel agent, brand ambassador for a local fashion retailer, and I own a party bus service (1 bus) at this time.

I landed an on-air show with a local radio station for exposure and in some cases, I can monetize my services doing “piggy back” promotions. I have met you at the Neighborhood Awards and my Program Director is an acquaintance of yours, Gentleman George.

Where is the line drawn with doing too much and focusing on one service to maximize the money? Each “arm” of my businesses have their own success and growth but the revenue is meager. I enjoy entertainment and promotions, but I want to generate more income doing what I love. – Royce 


What do you love? Lets focus on that and use your promotional relationships to build your brand. I never put money before the goal. I have always promoted that people need to know who you are before they start paying you. So what do you want to do? Let start there first!

What is the best way to save for kids college funds? I have certificates but not sure if this is the best route? – Katura 


Please contact my friend Sonia at Merrill Lynch. She is no pressure, but gives great advice and I trust her. You need to speak to a professional that will assist and point you in the right direction. Here is her number: (404) 231-6997

How do I find the best theater, dance, vocal and instrumental training for my daughter in Los Angeles since I am relocating there? I don’t want to only trust google. – Lisa


There are so many options that you should audit several locations before you settle on one for your daughter. Your daughter should also attend when you are auditing these classes. Congrats on moving to LA. It is the start of a long and successful journey!

I am in the final edits of my book and seeking your guidance on some of the best and fair publishing houses in America. Also, if I want to self-publish, where should I begin? – Catherine


Self publishing is easy and very popular. Who is editing your book?That is where most people make their mistake.

I am a single mom of a very smart 15 yr old girl. She is currently enrolled in an all AP course program in 10th grade. She has always wanted to go into the advanced medical field until recently she told me she wanted to be a cosmetologist. I was devastated because I feel like all this hard work is for a mediocre job. What advice can you give me that I can share with her to challenge her ability to be so much more than her wants? – Amy


I wanted my daughter to be a doctor, but she chose Tennis. Now I don’t know if she will be the next Serena, but I support her and tell her that there is a time table for everything. I think you should have your daughter take some business courses, so she can see the financial value of success. But some people would rather be teachers, than scientists!