How do you think live streaming platforms will affect or enhance TV? I was thinking about Social Media Platforms such as Periscope and MeerKat. – Vasohn


Periscope is now competing with US Stream. It’s user friendly format is very exciting, but they don’t produce data information or allow you to store the stream for long term usage. Finally there is a limitation on Periscope, where US Stream has is no limitations.

Being an entrepreneur it is aggravating when people ask for a discount on my treats that I sell (taffyapplegrapes) but they never argue with how much Wendy’s or Burger King products cost. My question is how would you deal with that? – Tony


Wendy’s, Popeyes and Burger King have coupons all the time. Target and Walmart have sales all of the time, so why are you aggravated? You should mark your price up and then sell it a discounted price, which would normally would have been your regular price. Plus you should have have different price points and sizes to accommodate the budget minded person.

I have been waiting to get your thoughts on this idea for a coffee/bakery/pastry/lunch shop. It would feature guest celebrity bakers and retired bakers who still have the love of the craft for one day a week. The staff would consist of homeless people who just need a chance. It would allow them to get their life in order. Get a shower, a paycheck, and feel part of a community. This little cafe is more than coffee and treats. It is a melting pot of knowledge, experience, history and love.  – Julie


I doubt the celebrity part will work. But the concept of homeless workers is not a new one. You will win on service and food quality. The reason the celebrity part would not work is because you cannot count on them and others will want some form of endorsement or ownership.

Is it best to take a lump sum payment versus a monthly pension that decreases once you get your social security? Also, can one put a lump sum payment into a IRA without the lump sum being taxed? – Quinton


I am going to recommend you call Sonia at 404-231-6997. He is a senior financial expert and will be able to answer all of your questions.

What’s the cheapest business start-up that will actually make some money? Is a non-profit organization a good way for me to go? Cleaning Service? Daycare Center? Call Center- doing collection and customer service on behalf of other companies? How can I get paid promoting music/albums and artists? – Maranda


You are approaching this concept in the wrong manner because you have to be willing to sustain the opportunity. Do you really want to clean when your workers don’t show up? How about those days when all of the kids in the daycare are sick, because one kid brought in the flu? How about the slow paying customers?

Can you please provide tips or insight on how to breakout out of the 9-5 cycle and really realize dreams and pursue passion? How do we break the cycle of debt and really live in a place of abundance financially? – Debbie


It seems that time and planning are your enemies right now. Also, patience should be included in that bucket too. My journey to success did not happen over night!

Would you rent someone money if they showed you a business plan and if that business was booming? Not oil though. Have you thought about trucking industry? I am a father of two and my wife goes to college. It’s one income coming and going.

I have a plan if someone would trust me and get me one of the trucks. They could be a partner and would love it. I drive one of them for a friend but it’s my wish that I can own one as there are many opportunities when you run your own business. – Herbert


My father was a truck driver and one of my younger brothers is a truck driver. So driving trucks is a positive venture in my life. The higher paying jobs are the long distance truck drivers. Hebert, it is not about trust, it is about planning. You have to start planing to own your truck and stop hoping. The way you start planing is by creating a business plan.

Would buying a cemetery be a great idea? – Mardy


What is the profit margin in cemeteries? That is what I would base my decision on. There is no doubt there will always be a need for cemeteries and cremations.

What is the most powerful way to use a website? Should a business like church ask questions on how to create a better atmosphere? Lastly, what is the best payment company to use through a website to attain offering/tithes? – Jeffrey


A website is great, but social media is the key to great glory. You should focus on pushing your brand through social media and you will attract a younger demo. Paypal is still the best.

I have some funds set aside. Should I use them to pay off some debt or to do a start up? It will take me to zero either way. Probably not enough to completely accomplish either one but I want to make some sort of move soon. – Missy


I would pay off my debt, because it is a reachable goal.