Good morning Rushion,

I’ve always wondered if a young adult is not sure or ready for college is it better to get a vocational trade and immediately join the workforce or should you do four or five years of school and hopefully prepare for a career afterward? Is it still stylish to work while in college? -Chris from Washington, D.C.


You sound just like me when I graduated from high school. Everybody had a plan for my success except me and I debated other options besides college. I was a fork lift driver, I worked for the post office and several oil companies, but I did not find my destiny until I attended college. It opened my eyes to new people, new experiences and fantastic opportunities. That is why I also recommend people to attend college for the exposure and the experience. It was this exposure that sparked my creativity and allowed me to grow as a person and seek goals and job opportunities that I would not have had. So go to college and get a part time job on campus or late night at UPS.

What would be your strategy to gain more local businesses to hire local people?
-Adrian from Baltimore, MD


By sending them employees that have a shorter travel distance from their business. The number one fear of any employer is travel to work time. If you can send them qualified employees that are within short driving or walking distance to their company then they would get excited. Dating services have applied this same principal, whereas employment agencies have not.

Hi Rushion McDonald,

I recently got my Associates Degree in Business Administration. One of my goals is to open a business of my own. There are so many routes that I could take that would be successful, however, I’ve chosen hair and beauty supply. My question is how do I gain access to get supplies? -Angela from Grove Hill, AL


You need to start visiting hair shows like the Bronner Brothers. You need to educate yourself more in this very competitive field. It is not easy and if you are not properly educated and connected you will be deeply in debt with a lot of product. So how are you trying to sell these products? Avon and Mary Kay does hair and beauty supply products. Do not open a store without first building a proper infrastructure for success. Open business inside a current beauty salon. Start testing the interest for your idea.

I finally have an offer for #Mafietta. I think the offer is extremely low and there is so much that is hidden. How do I ensure my role as a writer on the project and residual money? I could really use your expertise in these negotiations. They have not disclosed the company, only that they’re offering 25k to show it to 4 networks. It sounds good but aren’t there other questions that should be answered? -Edwyna


Do not sign anything. I do not like what I am hearing. You need to see the paperwork and how they are shopping your show sounds very fishy.

Thank you so very much Mr. McDonald, from MenWhoCanCook4Real. I’ve sent my pictures to the email you gave me…tell me how do I go to the next level? My goal is to have my very own cooking show. I’m open to whatever you tell me. -Rickey


You have to create better quality videos. You should format them like the Tasty videos, so you can grow your brand through viral media.

Hi, happy Monday to you.

I have just committed to finally allowing a skilled and qualified company to help me with my money management and my business and already I feel lighter. All I did today after a couple of meetings was commit…but I will also tell you that I feel naked and exposed. -Pecola from Cleveland, OH


Why do you feel naked and exposed. You have final signature on all of you transactions, correct? Just remember to stay in the decision making loop on all of your final decisions.

I have an AWESOME card game (#WTFthegame #WordsThatFit) that has been doing GREAT locally but I need some help bringing it to the masses on a national and international level. What would you advise as the best route to go? I’ve learned that there are TWO things that are the most efficient and that is “WHO YOU KNOW” (celebrity status is most popular) and if you have a STRONG/LARGE social media presence and/or platform. Which of the two would you consider the most effective…unless you can suggest something else. Here is my YouTube video. -Nedra


I downloaded the youtube video, but I did not understand how the game is played. Also the music on the video is too loud. I have my staff downloading the app, so they can let me know if they enjoy the experience. Life is good!

Good morning,

I have goals of opening an urban program with advanced technology for a early childhood education & youth development complex. I have childcare credentials, I just need help/guidance, funding resources and more information on how to realistically reach this dream goal. -Tecie from Tampa, FL


What are the benefits of opening an urban program, vs opening a program for everyone? This is something you need to consider, because if you opened to everyone, it would not limit you and your opportunities.

Mr. McDonald,

Thank you for mentioning my nonprofit consulting business months ago! Several people have hired me to complete their 501c3 application packet after seeing your comment! -Susan from Clio, SC


I hope that you have posted this information on your website. Please continue to build your brand by acknowledging success.

Hi Mr. McDonald,

What would or does it take to be mentored by you? I have asked before and you asked if I was ready to sacrifice. After ALOT of prayer EVERYDAY, I know that GOD has planted a seed in my heart and I am trying to bring it into manifestation/fruition. I’m therefore humbly asking for your advice, mentoring, and guidance from a man with a stellar character and accolades. -Lesley


I am mentoring you right now. I offer advice each and every Monday. You know where you can find me and I am quick to respond.