Good morning Mr. McDonald,

First, thank you for everything you’ve already done for me by showcasing my gift, and I’m working on getting what I need to put my gift in a “Tasty” format (still saving to buy a computer). Your words haven’t fallen on deaf ears. When I’m doing my cooking show should I give the names of the company’s whose products that I’m using (seasoning)? Also, what do you suggest for me to do to take my show to the next level? My ultimate goal is to go national and have my very own cooking show. -Rickey


Right now you want to focus on your personality. Build your brand and your following and the brands will come. I like your energy. I just need for you to tighten up on your presentation. Watch your videos and see the lighting. You don’t always have to be seen on camera. Just hearing your voice is good enough.

Mr. McDonald,
I am a self-taught cook who has done exceptionally well by word of mouth. My question is, what would be in my best interest? Should I go to culinary school to get the paperwork under my belt or take some local classes on how to establish your own business such as yours? I have the time to go to school. I’m not positioned financially to expand my current business outside of my home. -Stephanie


I would advise you to go to school and work in a restaurant environment to build your training and your relationships. It’s very important that you put yourself in an work environment that will build your business career while pursuing your degree. That is what I did when I quit my full time job and went back to college and worked at IBM part time.

My question is how would you go about creating a cookbook? Thanks. -Nytia


You need at least forty recipes for a good cookbook consideration.


I have a beauty and wellness business in which my goal is to help clients and educate beauty industry professionals on ageless beauty & wellness. Do you recommend marketing them separately? -Avanette


You need to create your own youtube channel, because you have a visual product and you need to post updated videos weekly.

Rushion McDonald,

Thank you for another week to talk. This week I want to ask about a few singles I’m working on to release soon as 2016 ends and into 2017. My music fan base is steadily growing, I want to make as much buzz around these singles, from downloads to landing on the billboards, which is a goal/outcome I’m striving for. I’m currently going to rely on social media, but what would also be a good approach/strategy for the best possible outcome of my singles? -Moses from Columbus, OH


I would throw a party! Get everybody hyped about your sound and create a social media event for your brand.

What companies utilize individuals as corporate liaisons (international and domestic) and are they required to have a degree? -Dwtila


Experience can trump a degree any day. But because you are young, I feel you need to have a degree to have the many job options that will give you a long-term salary to make you happy. Here is the definition of a liaison: he job title as liaison officer is a professional who coordinates multiple activities of many different agencies or companies. A liaison officer works in many various fields even though the fundamental functioning of the position has lots of similarities. Many tech and oil and gas companies use liaison’s both domestic and internationally.

What does a person do when he has done all he can change doesn’t happen? Does he start over or change his field? Either way, I don’t want to give up.
-Rufus from Cleveland, OH


You are looking at long-term goals and that is frustrating you. You need to set up short-term goals and when you do that it will enhance your success story. it’s like climbing a ladder. You have to take one step at a time. It may seem it is more difficult, but you know that you are moving higher. You are trying to leap for the top step and that is very hard to do. You might fall and hurt yourself and when you are down, you are licking your wounds. You start questioning your goals. Your goals are good, but you need to take smaller steps and build on your opportunities.

Hi, Rushion.

In your opinion, are there more acting opportunities right now in Atlanta or California? Trying to decide which place would be a better move for me as far as opportunities and finances. Thanks -Mandy from Kansas City, MO


LA is the entertainment capital of the world. Atlanta does not compete. I have lived in Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York for entertainment purposes. So, I am speaking from experience.

How do I build my brand as a thrifting stylist? -Lisa from Greenville, SC


I went to you Facebook Page and there is no representation of your brand. So you have to start there and start promoting who you are and what impact you are making in that world. I only saw two pictures and and when I clicked the albums there was nothing about your brand. So you are not marketing yourself. Social media is the new business card.

How do you start a business? -Monica from Youngstown, OH


You need to visit your local Small Business Administration office. They will have a library and people there to answer your small business questions. It’s FREE!