I’ve owned a nail salon for 2 years now and I can’t seem to hire the right fit. I want to run the salon on commission and nail techs don’t like that idea. A commission salon would pay for all the product and allow the tech to have a paid vacation after some time on the job. My website is currently being revamped but my Instagram is @thenailroom_chicago -Corrine from Chicago


The way you create excitement is by having people line up. Don’t hold back you opportunities by slowing down opportunities. Those people who walk in can be future appointments. Like they always say, the best time to get a better job is when you have a job. What better advertisement for someone to walk in and see you working and you tell them they have to make a reservation and your regular customers will take note of your success and start spreading the word too.

First of all Mr. McDonald I really respect you, and thanks for lighting my fire by showing me that the best person to invest in is myself. Sir, how do I turn my vision, #menwhocancook4real, in to a brand name, and grow it into a global business? Right now I’m on FB Live every Saturday @5PM Central. -Rickey


Your food and meals look fantastic. But you need to videotape or cook and prepare your meals on Facebook Live. You can also edit your videos like they do on Tasty and that would really extend your brands. I would like to see how you are cooking your fantastic meals in a Tasty video format. But make them separate videos when cooking each item and then every Saturday at 5PM you can start posting the videos. Have fun and be consistent in building your brand!

I have a home-based medical billing and provider credentialing business. I provide billing and insurance credentialing services for Occupational, Physical, Licensed Mental Health and Speech Language Therapists. I do not have a website, but I am on social media (FB and Twitter) and am known locally in my community. The name of my business is Coastal Medical Billing and Provider Credentialing Services. You can Google the name and it will populate via social media. I need help in attracting additional clients. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
-Elaine from Ocean Springs, MS


Can you do more than the ones you have listed? Because that feels like success is a small and narrow opportunity. You should do more research and expand your billing and provider services. If you keep talking to the same people you are going to get the same results. This is your dream and your future, time management is your key to success.

Hi Mr. McDonald,

I would love to get into the voiceover world, become a radio personality and do a little acting! I live in Montgomery, AL ( I know Steve is coming down for the Turkey Day Classic), and it’s been hard networking. I have networked through social media and I’ve had some opportunities, but they didn’t pan out or the opportunities are too far away and not conducive to my schedule. I have interviewed with two local stations, but was never offered a job. I also have called every station in the tri-county area and tried to make connections. I did start a podcast (samjhottopics.buzzsprout.com), but I’m having a hard time finding weekly material….What are some ways to network and get my name out there? -Samantha from Montgomery, AL


If you want to get into voiceover, then you should create a site where one can hear your talents. And you should post at least 20 different types of commercial voiceover work. Nobody is going to hire you unless they see variety and a format for success. So start building it today. Steve will not be able to help you, but you can start today by promoting your brand. Just recreate some the of the popular radio or TV commercials that you hear every day. Please build that website and when you do I will help you promote it on my Facebook Page.

Sometimes people are fortunate enough  to have an idea or product, BUT they also happen to be “connected” in the right circles in business, and therefore succeed based upon that. For those not in such circles, how do you get connected in such circles? As they say, it’s not what you know, but WHO you know. I guess I’m asking if you believe that, or find it to be true? -Jennifer


Success is based on planning and relationships. If you don’t plan for success, then all the relationships in the world do not matter. So you creat relationships by attending events that expand your dreams and expectations. In other words, if you keep talking to the same people you will be keep hearing the same conversations. You can create success by volunteering in different programs.

Mr. McDonald,

Most people reflect on and ask the question “What would you tell your younger self if you can go back in the past?” My question would be, “What would you say to or ask your FUTURE self if you could travel ahead 10 years?” Thanks for your time. The Monday Q & A is awesome. -Vashon from Philadelphia, PA


I cannot look at the past because it is filled with what ifs, but the future is filled with opportunity and I wake up everyday filled with the possibilities of success. So everyday I plan a brighter future and you should do the same thing, because yesterday is your past too. That is why my goal is to be better today than I was yesterday and to wake up with goals!

I have a new concept that I would love to implement for a beauty supply store. I have nothing against the current model that we see today it’s just that I want to move in a different direction. It is my vision to offer quality products and services in one place for clients. How would one go about doing that? Where could I go to find investors that would be able to hear and understand where I want to go with my vision? -Nickei


Have you created a business plan and prepared a pitch deck for your presentation? These are the two ideas that are very important prior to you seeking investors. Now if you don’t have money to create a presentation, then partner with someone on a sweat equity plan. They provide the skill, labor and knowledge for a small percentage of you business idea. But put this on a short term basis, you will know they are not locked to your idea if they do not fulfill their end of the bargain.

Good afternoon Rushion,

First I just wanted to say thanks for all the knowledge and information you pass on every Monday. I was wondering if you are going to do a video blog posting series with motivational business news and tips one can use to help grow their business. I think I would give Gary Vee some serious competition. Have a blessed day. -Major

Starting in January I will start doing Money Making Conversations Live once each week. I feel this forum works, but I know going live via Facebook Live can be something very special. But, like I always tell everyone, you have to plan for success and that is what I doing for 2017. Thank you for asking and know that your pitch is being put in motion!

I would like to write a children’s book. Where do I start? Or maybe start a small business that grows fast. I have ideas but not sure how to start.
-Cynthia from Covington, LA


Please rank your ideas in order, because you need to complete one of your goals before moving on to the next. Life is good!

I have an idea for a new invention. I know exactly how I want all of the specifications to be, but I need assistance with finding someone who can create a prototype. My idea goes perfect with your Perfect Bake, which I have. Please direct me as to who I can contact regarding getting a prototype made. Thank you! -Jackie from Chicago, IL


You need to find a sweat equity partner. Your sweat equity partner should sign a confidential agreement and this person should be educated on filing patents and assist you in building your prototype. Click here to learn more about sweat equity.