Good morning Mr McDonald. My goal is to open up a facility for drug and alcohol abuse. I would like to know how can I begin this process. I’m also curious as to know does my level of education play a part. I’m currently attending school for my BSW… thank you for your time and effort -Lapieria


Have you scouted out any locations for your potential drug and alcohol center. If not, you can always start at your local church. Finding the facility is key, because all neighborhoods do not want these types of facilities, because they feel it devalues the property in the neighborhood. So location, location, location is the key. But do not ignore your local church. You can rent a hall weekly at their locations if space is available.

You’ve already accomplished some of the things I hope to accomplish in the film industry. I have several scripts, one that I successfully pitched in a restaurant lobby to Sony and the other peaked the interest of Viacom (BET) while at the BTA dinner at NATPE earlier this year. However, Sony wanted to see something on film in lieu of receiving the script. I don’t have the capital to film either show. I’ve written down a number of ways I thought would attract investors in hopes of attracting sponsors to produce one of the shows and of course if that works, I would use it for the next. Can you tell me steps I should take? I reached out to agencies to represent me and they want you to at least know someone or a recent graduate and I’m simply someone who decided to JUMP. Can you help? creating a business plan. Can you suggest a few sites or places where I can accumulate reliable statistical information? -Natalie 


Do you have any friends who are cameramen or editors? You can also contact local colleges in your city and they have students who would be excited about creating a sizzle for your project and their resume.

I want to start a food truck or small restaurant. Where might I look for new business guidance & funding… Homemade Lemon pie. -Lovetta from Houston, TX


You can visit the local Small Business Administration in your city. It is free and they have financial information in their library that you can use to create your business plan. You must have a business plan in order to start your business.

Hey sir hope all is well. I’m a stand up comedian and have been at it for 13 years. I’m working to get to the next level. In the process of building my following and in the fall of 2017 I would like to tape my hour special. I ultimately want to get to do what I do in the highest level. What’s your advice? -Barry from Los Angeles, CA


Is your goal to shoot your own special or get it produced for TV? Right now you need to build your brand through facebook and instagram clips. LA should be your preferred market if you don’t have any connections in NYC.

Hello Rushion McDonald. My question is. I am new in Atlanta, just moved here from Hollywood after living there for 10 years. I just opened my first shop Hair Salon. I specialize in long hair Extensions. How can I make myself known in my community. I have IG: sleekhair101, Facebook page Amillion Hair, I am on local Yelp and Google, And have a website… I am growing nicely but I know there is always room to grow… Any ideas? I want more professional clients whose time matter and have good incomes. Thank you for your time and assistance. -Emilienne


You need to start a loyalty program with your base customer. If they bring in a customer with them or recommend, then they get their next salon visit at half-price. This would create synergy and conversation about your business growth. But you have to give something to get a lot more.

Hello Rushion McDonald! It was such an honor meeting you at Circle of Sisters. As of right now, I currently work as a Digital Producer for WBLS during the Steve Harvey Morning Show and I absolutely love what I do! With that being said, about three years ago, I launched my own women’s lifestyle website called Ladisav. Our slogan is a ‘A Lady Who Knows’. I’ve invested every single penny into maintaining my business (no regrets). We have had the opportunity to interview celebrities, cover award shows and put together photo-shoots for women chasing after their dreams. We’ve also had our “Living In Your Purpose” luncheon, “Bring Your Vision to Life” vision board party, Graceful Giving and various fundraisers. As of right now, I took time away from curating content so I can focus on my personal life. The website was doing very well. And as our audience grew, it began costing me more and more money each month. Money that I don’t have AT ALL. I miss blogging, curating content and events for my website. I want to pick up where I left off, but I can’t afford it anymore. Are there any grants available for business owners like myself? Should I work and continue to save and re-launch the website when the time is right? What do I do? HELP! -Marie


I just went to your website. Are you doing all of that work yourself. Wow! You are small and you should be proud. I am very excited about what you are doing, but I feel you are offering too much and I do not know who you are trying to reach. That is very key in building your brand. You have something special here and I want to make sure we build this brand correctly.

Good morning. What advice do you give when it comes to shipping nonperishable items to customers? -Rickey Thomas Sr.


Please include your taxes in the t-shirt and always make the customer pay for shipping and handling.

Morning Rushion McDonald I’m currently in the baking business and I would love to open my own building so can you please give me some advise on how to start up I do the cakes in jars and this us something that I’m very passionate about this is my vision. -Leisha


How is the cake in jars business coming along? Also where in the city do you want to open your store. I ask these questions because you need to create a business plan and it will help you decide on the right direction for your business. Please plot your recent growth, and if you stayed the course, where would you be in two years? This is important because it will define your income based all of the new expenses of a new business.

Hey Mr. Rushion. Last week I asked you about my invention and what were the next steps to take after patent. I’m not sure if the prototype can be made because it’s a add on to the vehicle. -Shaneka from Lane, SC


All prototypes can be made. A demonstration always is a stronger sale.