I have this invention that is in the process of  being patented. How do I get my patent to be considered to the market in which it’s needed? How do I go about contacting the right people? -Shaneka from Lane, SC


You need to create a prototype to generate any buzz for your invention. Then you would shoot a sizzle reel, so you can market your invention. I can recommend people to assist you based on the city that you live in, but my services are not for hire. You need to get with a mechanical engineer and offer him a percentage of your patent for free. You need time and this is call sweat equity. But you put a time frame on it, where everything reverts back to you if they don’t do what they are suppose to do.

Hi Rushion!

I’m creating a business plan. Can you suggest a few sites or places where I can accumulate reliable statistical information? -Lisa


Every city has a small business administration office that provides the information that you are looking for. Have you visited it in your city yet? The service they provide is FREE.

Good morning Rushion,

I have a small business here in Atlanta. It’s a singing telegram service. Getting recognized as a business is difficult with the money I have had to invest. What steps should I take to become better known? Thanks. -Angelena from Atlanta, GA


I love the singing telegram idea. You need to post videos of the types of singing telegrams that people can order. Marketing is the key and nobody can see the options. Singing is great, but it will generate excitement for your business if they can see and hear different examples.

Hello. I am talented in multiple areas, however I am having a hard time with branding myself because of this and I am having a hard time with choosing a focus. For example, I wrote and illustrated my children’s book, but I went to school for fashion design, I am a fashion illustrator,  and I model and sing. I recently was contacted by producers of the the Steve Harvey Show to possibly participate in the segment of “JUMP,” I am just having a hard time with having multiple abilities and choosing a focus. Any suggestions? -Shamaiah from Los Angeles, CA


You are not focused. People who can do a lot of things well wind up not doing anything great. When I started managing Steve Harvey I had to give up writing for sitcoms. I had to give up stand up comedy. So you have to start doing the one thing that is making you the most money. Now I look at your Facebook page and saw too many personal and family pictures. Your Facebook page should only be about your brand. Right now it is all over the place. I don’t know what you are modeling and I did not see any pictures of you singing. So you have to tighten up your branding of yourself.

I am looking to get into writing…music, poetry, as well as books. I would like to know the proper steps to take in achieving my ultimate goals. I have great material, but I’m looking to maybe find venture capitalists. -Hurst from Los Angeles, CA


You have to figure out what format you want to pursue. TV or film writing or you can be a novelist. You should post your poetry on your social media and use it to build your brand. Right now you need to find your writing voice.

Because of the division in America I want to market a song and poem I wrote, sing, produced, and help compose. I want to do this to better explain the significance of all people by describing the significance of African American’s. How would you get it out to everyone to make a difference? -Terrance


You need to post it on your social media. That is the beauty of social media today, you don’t have to wait for someone to approve you point of view or you emotions. Post it on your Facebook page and have your friends share it. Good work!

Hello. I am starting a concierge service in an area where I have no other companies to do price comparisons with. I don’t want to low ball myself but I also don’t want to overcharge. So I’m stuck on how much to charge for my services. Any advice would be appreciated. -Mellanese from Greenville, SC


You are located in SC, so you should do prices comparisons in Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA to understand your concierge pricing.

I have a question about my husband. He’s an amazing man! He left his job this summer and he’s still looking for employment. He’s in HR, he has 4 degrees, (2 MBA’s), 20 year retired army veteran, hard worker at everything he puts his hands to…I could go on. My question is what else should he do to find the job he’s looking for? What advice would you give him? Thank you! -Monica


Your husband should go to a temporary employment agency today and they will have him working next week. These companies are great, because it allows you to qualify for companies that would not normally look at his resume. But it works both ways, because he might not like the company and he can ask for a reassignment from the temporary employment agency. I used the companies a lot of my early years and I highly recommend them today. He has a great resume and should be working. Stop going the traditional routes of employment. Please make him aware that this is not a step back, but a big opportunity to work for companies that may have not looked at his application. Temporary employment agencies have never failed me.

The last time I commented I mentioned that I had signed with a new business marketing/money management team. I held an event at my place on Friday and no one from the team was here to support me nor did they promote my event on the pages. That was my first event since signing with them and they encouraged me to have it. My question is did they drop the ball? It left me feeling some type of way.
-Pecola from Cleveland, OH


Yes they did drop the ball and you should demand a clear understanding of your relationship today. Marketing is what they are so supposed to do and this is clearly a signal for your relationship with them. They need to send you a written explanation as to why they did not represent and also why your event was not standing room only, because if they would have done their job, it would have been. It’s time you put their feet to the fire.

I would like to know how I could get my brand known. How can I get my all girls youth organization, Dynamic Dreamz, to the next level? I’m a mentor to young girls. Can you please give me some insight? -Shanta


Everything is about numbers and success stories. I helped developed the Disney Dreamers Academy that Steve Harvey hosts every year. You have to build a social media platform and start promoting and recruiting volunteers. Right now, there is no documentation on what you do or the lives that you have impacted or plan on impacting. You have to learn to tell your story.