I have 2 Preschools. Now that I have started this second one (just opened this week). I have found myself out of cash for operating cost. We have children enrolled and coming in the door but it takes about 45 days to start seeing cash flow! It seems I have a short term problem but no solutions. The only assets we have are business equipment & vehicles. The bank was impressed with the business but my credit is not getting it! Are there any other financing options available, other than banks, for businesses? I have a business plan, successful track record, opened 2nd location.  -Felicia from Omaha, NE


Yes, there are but the interest rates are crazy high. Have you tried credit unions?

I know it takes more time than many people ever imagine to have , or start your own business. Especially at the level you have achieved. Are you able to have free time to relax or rejuvenate? I was at a taping once and Steve said you would say.” Why are you bothering me with this non money making conversation?” Lol…. So my thought was. Does this dude ever rest, or is that the sacrifice for success? -Jennifer 


I am enjoying what I do in life, so I stay busy and travel a lot, but resting is a key challenge for any successful person. Because even when your body is resting is your mind really turned off? In the entertainment business, you have such a short window for success based on your age. So you have to be ultra competitive and remain relevant. So I have to ask myself about effort and time management, because time management is the key to my success. It’s how I balance the many opportunities and still maintain a normal lifestyle that is a key to having a healthy life. I enjoy baking, sports, I watch a lot of TV and spend time with my family. Now that phrase spawned this Money Making Conversations segment that I host on Facebook. You see it is all based on Time Management!

Good Morning. I’m interested in opening a business which specializes in ASL (American Sign Language). What steps need to be taken to acquire the funding needed for set-up and operational costs (grants and/or loans) to establish it? I’m in LA. The one that does it is in Washington DC on the campus of Gallaudet University. -Adriane from LA


So you want to offer courses in ASL. Have you thought about being an instructor and teach at these schools? I just want you to establish a base and many relationships, before you jump out there and start your own ASL business. Here is an example of a College that provides a course in ASL: Los Angeles City College.

Hello Rushion McDonald I know #SteveHarvey new book #jump release today and I’m in the Act Like a Success group up here on FB but my question is do you think Mr. Harvey would mind if I plugged his book on my show this evening? Just wondering are there specific rules for doing stuff like that on internet radio. -Michael from Rocky Mount, NC


Steve would love that. He loves people who embrace his values and brand. Plus he wants to sell as many books as possible and make the NY The New York Times #1 Best Seller List.

Good Morning, I wanted to get some help to build and earn a second income. I do have some type of talent that will allow me to grow a business opportunity in the food industry. I’m struggling with trying to do a start up and branding my business. How would I go about this? I want to specialize in catering. Selling meals also for busy working moms and baked goods. -Evonne


I like this pitch. Have you created a website or facebook for you business? You should also register for UberMeals. I have two nephews who have catering business and UberMeals have been very good to them. Most importantly have you create a menu? This will define your business plan and the services that you will provide.

What are your thoughts on franchises? The ones who offer 20k or less start up? -Salter


My thoughts on any franchise is asking is it something that you really want to do. Long term success is based on passion. So a low price should not be your objective, because if you are not emotionally committed to the franchise then you will fail. So please do something that makes you feel and inspires you to get up every morning.

When launching a food product for grocery stores and it’s your first time, how much marketing should you invest? Starting with Collard Greens. Rouses’s Market already confirmed. Meeting with Piggly Wiggly Thursday. Grannysfood.com -Sherri


You should set up a sample station in the stores that are selling your product. The best marketing for your product is to catch them while they are in the stores. I am sample food all the time when I am in grocery stores. Also create some quick recipes to use your product when you set up the sampling station. I would also do some facebook live posts displaying the various ways that your Collard Greens can be served. Also can a Vegan use your product? That is a market share that you should really look at too.

Good morning Rushion, my 22 year old daughter is working on creating a natural beauty products line as she’s still in college… My question is what would you suggest is her best approach to begin her business? She has a company name, she’s working on her labels but my concerns the products audience and the best way to market her line. Myself, family and friends are the people who use her products. She has a very unique approach on beauty products for the struggles many women face. -Deniz from Westlake Village, CA


Has she been posting pictures of the use of the products and the end results? Also, what makes her hair product so special? This is a classic marketing question and needs to be answered so she can establish her branding of the product. I went to Cortney’s facebook page and I only saw picture of her and nothing about her product. If she wants to win she needs to start marketing and branding her product on her facebook page and drop the personal pictures.

My screenplay received top 15% at Nicholl Fellowship and Austin Film Festival. Advice I’ve been given is to polish it (done) and get it a heavy hitter agent or manager to push it. Easier said than done since big agents don’t take queries from unknowns writers. What can I do to hurdle this obstacle? -Mikki from Austin, TX


Have you contacted any agents in Hollywood. You can purchase the book at Samuel French Bookstore in Hollywood and it will list agents and managers who read original material.