I have a MLM home based business. How do you work through the blocked mindset of helping someone understand they too deserve better and there are endless possibilities when working for yourself?  – Jennie


You seem frustrated. Why? Is changing their mindset going to help your business? There are workers and leaders and you may be talking to too many workers. A worker will only work 40 hours a week. A leader works until the goal is accomplished. I feel you are talking to the wrong people. Everybody cannot come to the party of success. Ease your frustration and focus on people who are risk takers and are goal oriented.

How can you enlist help for your ideas while ensuring those ideas aren’t highjacked while your in the process of making them a reality? For example an idea for a website. – Kynisha 


You can register with the WGA, copyright or trademark. Now it costs money to do all three. Plus you can have them sign confidentiality document and this is free. At least they are confirming that you had this intellectual conversation.

Why won’t jobs hire people who were once incarcerated? Don’t you believe people deserve a second chance? I mean the ones who have truly learned from their mistakes.

I have a family member who was once incarcerated for at least ten years. He has been out for awhile and he has changed and is working odd jobs but he wants more. He’s frustrated and trying  to be optimistic. What would you tell someone in that situation? – Rufus


I totally disagree. My younger brother has been incarcerated twice for lengthy periods and he has no problem getting a job or getting back on his feet. He has a natural winning personality and he plans for success. Hopefully he has learned his lesson this final time and won’t go back.

What are his goals for employment? Has he developed a plan for success? Also, he should create an honest list about himself. Ten reasons someone will not hire him and ten reasons someone will hire him. Creating this honest list will help him clean up the negatives and enhance the positives.

I’m a writer. I write music, web series, movies and plays. I’m doing them all. Should I narrow my writing down to one focus? I write them all because my writing keeps taking me to different areas but I’m not as productive with getting my work out.

How do I get the right people to hear my music, look at my movie scripts, read my plays, or my web series? It gets frustrating trying to get my work out but I’m not giving up. I love what I do I just really would love if it could bring me income. What do I do to get my work out? – Nicole


You are too scattered. Can I see your web series? Let’s start there!

I have been thinking of going into business for some time now. What I was looking into is flipping houses. Since there have been many seminars in the area, I am thinking it’s a start. What should I do? – Shaurese 


Location and timing is the key to this business. Do not get blinded by the success of infomercials or TV shows. Start with a small flip and do not jump out there big. Also, try to flip in a neighborhood that will allow you to sell the home to a lot of buyers. Finally, always look at good schools in the neighborhoods where you flip property. Just flip three bedrooms or above. Single bedroom and two bedroom homes have limited buyers.

How important is it to market your business? Flyers, posters, etc. I have a tax business – Michelle


If you don’t market your business then you will have moderate success. Please read this link on the importance of marketing your business.

Will you be hitting the road with MMC? I know you’re busy but I’d love to see you in NJ or Philly. Have a blessed day!!

P. S. I’m ordering my bake scale for my birthday on December 6th. – Janét


Yes, I will be hitting the road in 2016. People are starting to ask that question a lot of me lately. I started this program December of 2014, so I am still building the brand, but I have been so happy with the results and the number of people I have been able to help for free. Congrats on your birthday! I will be taping a Perfect Bake segment on the Steve Harvey Talk Show, Thursday December 3rd and it will air the week of Christmas.

I want to open a business (food) in my small hometown in SC to be closer to family, but jobs are scarce in the area. Should I be worried because of the poor economy or big chains? – Lisa


You should be worried about the economy and jobs in the location where you are going to open your business. A location can also affect your insurance rates. Have you created a business plan?

I am a licensed realtor and am looking to start a home flipping business to eventually hold for monthly cash flow. I’ve heard that I should start two companies one for flips and other for hold properties. – Eric


It really starts with your bank account and credit. What happens if you get stuck with a flip? Plus since you “heard” something I advise you to do more research.

I have written two children books. I have done all of the traditional advertising: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and book promoting sites. Both are on Amazon and B&N, and I also have video snippets for each which I have added to the social sites including YouTube.

One of the books is a Christian book, so I also did mailings to churches. Can you think of any avenues that I can use to promote my books? Parents of children aged 1 – 6. I have done readings, hosted events, bookstore, libraries and daycares. – Cristal


Who has been buying your books? Are you promoting the benefits of buying your books? Do they improve a child who reads your books? I feel you are not promoting the value of reading your books. Let’s get that hype machine started!