I have a community based organization. As we make strides on really helping and making change in the community it’s hard because we are considered grass roots and no one knows about us. So many people have taken government funding and used it in negative ways so how does my organization build a positive reputation that solicits donations but makes more interest on support than funds?

I’ve done this for six years, moved to different cities and although I’ve been successful with most efforts I still lack help. I do not have my 501c3 and I don’t even know where to begin. I really need help with bringing this part of my destiny to a close. Please help… I’m all over the place. – Marcus


I need you to stop from going down this path of not being organized. You have been doing this for six years! We need documentation of your social change efforts. You need to find all of the documentation on your history in social change so you can create a sizzle reel or a presentation deck. Second you have to file a 501C. It is important to build your brand. We need you!

A business plan is important. Still it seems like a lot of small businesses find it hard to plan anything without credit. What’s the best way to build credit with banks who REALLY don’t deal with small businesses? Just wondering. – Rufus


You still need a business plan. A business plan allows you to understand the success ratio of your company. If you don’t understand, then nobody is going to give you credit. But you can get credit if you have collateral. A secured credit card is another way to build your small business credit. You HAVE to have a business plan.

I’m interested in writing a book. Actually I have two concepts. How can I make sure I get a good publisher ? – Terri


There are no guarantees because it is based on your content and the quality of your writing.

I have so many ideas but I’m not sure where to start. I need help with direction and vision. How do you figure out what works and how to get connected to the right people to successfully turn ideas into a business? – Kynisha


It really depends on the ideas. Because you cannot apply the opportunity in general. So you have to specific and that will help you to become more successful.

I have written two children books. I have done all of the traditional advertising: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and book promoting sites. Both are on Amazon and B&N, and I also have video snippets for each which I have added to the social sites including YouTube. One of the books is a Christian book, so I also did mailings to churches. Can you think of any avenues that I can use to promote my books? – Cristal


That is a very young age group. Have you tried day care centers? You can host small readings and fun parties featuring your book for the kids.

I’m a local singer/actor in South Florida and I perform in a lot of community plays. Florida is a right to work state. I want to join an actor’s union but a friend told me since I’m in Florida not to join. Whats your advice and how do I get a manager for acting? I want someone that could mentor and help me with my singing and acting? – SC


Joining a union is just another form of networking. With so many competition shows and reality shows you really don’t have to join a union. But if you are going to pursue a career in acting, then join when the job requires that you join. Right now you are trying to build your reel so stay free! Everybody can use a person promoting and booking them and that is what a manager does.

I live in Denver Colorado I want to open a medical marijuana dispensary. What are your thoughts? – Polo


I have been offered many times an opportunity to get in this business and I have turned it down due to safety reasons. This is a cash and carry business and I want to sleep at night without a body guard or hired security.

I started a debt management company three years ago, all excited about working towards my dream. I hit a road block, and allowed my company to become stagnant. I’m sick & tired of being sick & tired just surviving day by day. I need to know where to begin again? – Eliza


Why did you allow your company to become stagnant? Was it not growing as quickly as you wanted? I want to make sure don’t have any personal roadblocks that will keep you from pursuing your dream. Often times we are the problem.

Last Monday I made the statement that I already have a business but I’m looking to start another business. This new business is going to be different from what I am already doing. I’m currently operating a car wash.  I have three different ideas: motel, bail bondsman, or either Laundromat. – Mardy


Each one of these opportunities seem like a lot of work with a small profit margin. Does the profit make the stress level worth it? Motels have a seedy environment. Bail bondsman have to deal with flight risk and a laundromat is definitely not the way to get rich.

I still don’t know what I want to be. I have so many ideas in my mind to be successful. What shall I do? How can I be a positive thinker? How do I change my mind & attitude? – Edom


As you simplify your goals then your confidence will grow. That is why I am stopping you from thinking so much. Your brain is filled with too many “I wish I could” ideas and needs to be focused on what you can do.