I’ve been hosting a radio show at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio for a few months. I’m graduating this December!

I would like to pitch my shows concept to a local radio station and to our local public television station. What is the process of pitching an idea for a show? The first half is talk and the second half is gospel/inspirational music. I have a special guest or guests each week. I have also done three shows in which it has been all talk. – Pamela


There is very little revenue in the gospel format. There is money in talk radio if you are able to build a strong brand through social media.

I am 31 year old and I have not found what I’m good at. I have been on different jobs most of my life. I know that I’m not a 8-5 person which has been my current position for a year now. How do you know when you have found what you’re good at and when it’s time to pursue it? I love being able to encourage and inspire people to be better. My family and friends all come to me for my thoughts on situations. – Kita


I get the feeling that you need to be social work. My minor in college was sociology and it changed my POV. It showed me how people are different and how I could make an impact.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the importance of these things for business owners: (a) Website (b) Social Media Presence (c) Live streaming – Vasohn


Five years ago website would have been number one, but now social media presence is the key! You can link your website through your social media platforms, especially Facebook. So the order of importance is social media, website and live streaming. I use Periscope now and it is great for live promotions. It’s also free when you use the app!

I’m trying to raise money for what’s considered a for-profit business in early education and care. I am seeking angel investors and sponsorships. I have this property that I purchased at 17 years old. I turned it into a group child care, here in Philadelphia. God knows I’ve had documented battles and test.

The current goal is to raise the property to its highest state of excellence. I’d like to tap into individuals who want to see children prosper world wide for funding. I’m in search for the magical, souls who love to see others prosper! – River


There is always money to be made in medicine, funeral homes, insurance, land and kids. But you have to have a business plan that shows how you can generate the income to get the investor. Right now, my number one thought is how you are going to get more kids for your place, and if the business starts slowly how do you supplement the revenue? Have you put together a board? This could really help you.

I have a patent issued product called “the PediFlop”. It was patented as a sandal allowing me to be able to broaden my line. I am at the point of seeking strategic business/financial partners/investors.

Please advise what necessities other than a prototype, would a potential investor/partner require in order to consider becoming an investor or strategic business partner in my business? What is the best approach? Would you happen to have a business plan referral who can assist with reviewing what I have, familiar with products, that is? – Premise


I can see that you are setting up everything correctly. Have you created a business plan for potential investors? Now we are at Shark Tank level when you have that. I do not have a contact for you to help you polish your business plan. But you can start with a bank and they will definitely point you in the right direction because you are looking for potential investment capitalist.

I had spoke with you about starting another business. You told me don’t do a bails bond and don’t do a motel or convenience store. Now I’m out of ideas. I’m already washing cars for a living. – Mardy


So you have four options in life? Come on now. I told you about the lifestyle problems of bails bondmen, and the security issues at seedy motel and convenience stores. All of these businesses require a hefty insurance policy. Now, are you washing cars or detailing cars? Because one pays more than the other and also detailing car service is a more expensive brand of car.

I’ve just started my business this June. Its a blogging business where I write, speak, and advertise other businesses. I’ve accomplished some things with it but I would like to know how I can attract clients? I know I have to network, but are there any other solutions? – Julianna 


If you just started, how active is your blogging with your readers? Do they share your blog and how active are you on social media? The growth of your networking is tied to the activity of your blog and your social media growth. When I started Money Making Conversations I knew it was important to grow my social media. Growing my social media is making me relevant!

How do you feel about producers/production companies that say submit your script but first you have to sign a release form? – Essence


I do the same thing when people want me to review their project. We have to protect ourselves and you have to protect yourself by registering your work before you submit it to them or me. You can register your work at the WGA.

I want to save money for emergencies and repairs on my house. Before I can save enough something always comes up. I need to save. Any suggestions? – Frances


Thank you for asking me this question. People pay a bill that is due every month, but they don’t treat a savings account the same way. You should set up a savings account at your bank. Have your bank automatically transfer $50 every week to your savings account. Start with a small amount and if that is comfortable then you grow the weekly transfer.

One of my personal goals is to see my son finish High School, something I never did. My son doesn’t respect the fact I did not finish High school. I am always on him about studying and making good grades at school.

Now he’s trying to tell me, why don’t I go back to school or at least get my GED? I feel bad because I know he’s right. What should I do? I want my son to respect me. I don’t want to be a loser in his eyes anymore. – Rufus


You should be the example that you want to be. Your son is right, encourage his success by becoming a shining example. You need your GED and he needs his high school education.