I am a radio personality and have hosted a tv show. I have a visions for my own radio show and talk show. What steps should I take to pursue and accomplish? – Erika


What is your point of view and who are you trying to reach? This is very important, because it will keep you focused on achieving your goals. You should start defining your motivation and POV on your social media handles and your website.

I have found my purpose and asked God for guidance and I would like to put action with my purpose because Faith without works is dead. Where is the starting point? I have a Masters in business and my purpose is helping people. I have volunteered many places helping with catering events as well as feeding the homeless. Any suggestions? – Wanda


You still need to define your purpose even more. You are still too general in what you are trying to accomplish.

Most jobs these days won’t hire unless you have at least a GED. What would you tell someone who has made mistakes in life who’s qualified for a jobs, yet doesn’t have the papers to say he knows what he’s doing? Is it possible to get your GED at the age of fifty. – Rufus


Yes you can get your GED at any age. I really feel you should start your GED and then start applying for a job. It will look good on your application and an employer will be impressed by your efforts to improve your self.

I have a business idea that involves information provided from schools, so my question is, how do I go about finding out, legally, what I am allowed to do, and what I would need to get authorization for from the schools themselves? And what would be the best way to approach the school for “partnership”, while also protecting my idea (essentially, the schools themselves could execute idea if they really wanted to).  – Cheryl


You should hire an attorney. If this is a real financial opportunity, then you need to get your paperwork in order to move forward. Don’t cheat your success by spending less for correct information.

I am a cosmetologist who has been in business for 12 years. I’m doing something wrong… I need help. I try my best to pass on the knowledge I have learned so I’m also an instructor for cosmetology. I bring women in to teach them and they have stolen from me and taken clientele and product but I will never give up. – Tonica


Everybody deserves a chance, but you are not happy and it’s time you start focusing on you. “You only have one life jacket. You cannot save everybody! Focus on you before you sink too!”

I have a bit of money and I don’t know what to spend it on since it’s all I have in my budget. Should I use the money to complete the paperwork and file for tax exempt status for my non profit? Or use it to buy tools and products for the NP? And do you know of any ways I can possibly grow the funds in the budget? – Kash


You should complete the paperwork and file to be tax exempt. Completing this task is very important so you can plan the overall goals of your NP. It validates your NP and allows you to deduct purchases on behalf of your NP. It seems you have to use the funds against your business plan that you have created for your NP. By creating your NP and by filing you can then host fund raisers and request donations on behalf of your NP. Only approach donors that share your NP’s point of view.

How do I find representation for TV Scripts, Film, and Reality concepts? I have been fortunate enough to talk to David Mann daily, aka Mr Brown, and Rodney Perry about my Scripts, and they really felt I have some strong material. Problem becomes, they are both busy on their own projects to really assist me, and I understand. I live in Atlanta, so I think I’m in a good market for what I do. – William


I need to know why they are not partnering with you on your productions? Also, are these ideas pitches are scripts? Are these hour or drama scripts? What are the reality shows? If these are scripts that you have written, what writing software are you using? Finally, these ideas and scripts must be registered.

I would like to know what should I do if a trail or is on my land and owned by the bank!? I have sent them papers saying that I am charging them $500 a month and it has been 10 months!? Should I get a lawyer? – Stephany


Do you have the legal right to block this trail? If so, then I would do that and block the trail. When they respond, then I would hit them with my monthly charge.

I would like to start a dress clothing line. Do you know anyone in this industry, who may possibly help with being a mentor? I live in Connecticut but I am close to New York City. – Cristal


You need to attend the Magic Clothing Show in Las Vegas. It will help you gain contacts in the clothing industry and also point you in the right direction. Here is the link.

What do you do when you feel like your new home care business is at a stand still? I have been advertising in newspapers and handing out business cards. Whats Next? I didn’t start seeing results until the beginning of this year. I would get up to 3 new clients in a month, but then one passed away one went to nursing home so its like starting over. – Shaniece


You know your business has a high turnover rate. I have heard your complaint before. You have to expand your roster and unfortunately realize you will lose clients. I am not trying to be insensitive, but you are in a business and you must plan for change.