How do we improve urban comedy & create better opportunities for Urban Comedy through TV/Cable & other media outlets? – Malik


I feel that you can create any format you want on the web. You should create a web series and post it weekly to develop a following. Don’t wait on BET and TV One to build the brand!

My idea is a reality show about entrepreneurs courting investors by way of a date. You switch every three minutes to pitch to different investors like speed dating. – Premise


You should never pitch your ides in an open forum even if it has been registered.

There are so many coaches and PR reps that promise getting media attention. From a producer point of view, what are 3 to 5 of the key elements you look for to bring on talent for a spot on a show? – Vasohn


The main things are who is the talent and how will it affect my radio and TV ratings.

I am on the search for a new job. I was laid off last February due to cut backs, after working for nine years at that job. An opportunity came up for me to go to school to pursue a new career during my unemployment. I just finished the course a few days ago. I am wondering what I can do to show a company that I am worth giving a chance to, just coming out of school with no prior experience in the field I studied for. – Temeka


Does the place where you wrapped your continued education have a job placement service? Also, I recommend taking advantage of temporary employment companies. It allows the company to screen you and for you also to screen the company. Because after a period they can bring you on board with their company based on your personality and working habits.

I’m writing a book and creating a journal to go with it. I’m currently working on the marketing plan. What are some of the best ways to promote my book and journal? (The topic is prayer) – Wisdom


Welcome to the world of social media! People still do not understand the power and usage of this format. You can create your empire with 5K friends and posts on the following formats for free: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You have to consistently post in order to develop the fan base and future customer base. Building through social media will also help you better understand your point of view!

When you are networking and make a contact, how do you get that contact to put you in touch with other individuals that they know without giving the appearance of attempting to use them? – Dale


You don’t use people in the business you create relationships. In the creation of these relationships, people will help each other to achieve success. However, you have to have a model that people want to invest into that is not necessarily money.

Please give your best advice on how to approach potential investors for a business. I own an event planning, cleaning and janitorial service, and am currently looking into real estate investing. I’ve been using my own funds to put back in to the business. I have been doing well however financial backing would definitely help the business so I won’t have to come out of pocket so much.- Rosa


You mentioned three totally different businesses – event planning, janitorial services, and real estate investments. The janitorial service can be an asset if you are using it to flip homes. Now the problem in real estate is that you have to be patient.

Event planning is all about presentation! You need to have a web site describing you past clients and creative exploits. Do you have a website for your event planning business? Because you are trying to create three different businesses you have to have a website and social media for all three. You cannot combine them into one web site. Also, focus on the one business that is the most successful and seek a small business bank loan.

Just saw Dr. Phil’s son and his band on Steve’s show. Steve liked his music and gave him time on the show. My son is a blend of Lenny Kravitz, meets Maroon 5 meets One Direction. How does an AA young man who isn’t hip hop/R&B break into this industry and who doesn’t have famous people backing them? He was a front man for his band but is now solo. He has the drive, determination, passion you speak of and has done well here in Orlando. As a mom, I want him to go into corporate America, but don’t want to deny him his passion and dream. What advice would you give him?  – Yvette


The reason that Dr Phil’s son was performing on Steve’s show was based on a relationship and TV ratings. In this case both sides win! Now your son is performing talent and that is a blessing. He needs to set up a location that he can perform on a regular basis in Orlando and start building his fan base and social media following. He has to create juice or the deal that would be offered to him will be very laughable!

I opened a comedy room in a Ramada Inn in Houston, Texas and crowds came and the rest is history. My back story is IBM trained with a degree in Math so I relate to both sides of your conversation. Please keep me posted and good luck!

My question is I’m just getting my business started and have questions about paying taxes.  – Barbara


Taxes have to paid and are the biggest mistakes most small companies make when they start their new business. They do not budget for taxes and do not set their prices to account for the taxes. You should do everything on a quarterly basis so you wont be burned at the end of the year. Waiting until the end of the year to pay taxes is a big mistake.

I would love for you to give me some input on getting my son Jabez Griggs an Agent. I would also like some marketing strategies to get in the network of those who are able to take his career to another level & who’s interested in new Talent! He is age 12 and is from Philadelphia, PA. He can act, do standup comedy, rap & dance. – Juanita


Have you created a sizzle reel displaying his talents? Because he is so young he will only appeal to a small core of TV people. You should be able to easily get him a NY agent for commercials to start lining up auditions. I would not waste my time getting an agent in Philadelphia since you are so close to NY. Head shots should not cost you more then $150.00-$200.00. If you are paying more than you are being ripped off!