Hi Rushion! I’m a poet. I have been told that when I share my poetry my voice is very soothing. It has been suggested that I make CDs and market them to physical therapists, massage envy, etc. How do I get started? – Diane


In the air of easy technology, all you need is an iPhone or smart phone. Someone can record you reciting your poetry and you can easily add music to it. I would create a set time every week on your Facebook page, so your followers who enjoy your poetry will know when you are posting it. This is how you start building your brand.

Greetings Mr. McDonald I wanted to know is it appropriate when submitting treatments is it acceptable to compare it to a series already in existence especially if it’s a show on a different network? – Dale


Please do not compare your show to another show that is already airing when you pitch it.

Hi Rushion McDonald. I think it’s time I set up. I want to set up my restaurant because I’ve paid my dues. I’m finding it hard to put my business plan to paper. – Jacqueline


You still need to have a business plan. From that business plan you will create your marketing plan. Please visit your local Small Business Administration office.

Good afternoon, Mr. McDonald, I have a Entertainment Company here in Atlanta, with a BP, I have several project reels, ready for submission, with Entertainment Attorney Representation, how can I get my projects submitted? CW 69 Atlanta has given me a platform, to air one of my projects but I need a investor(s). Any advice as to the next step? – Sabrina


You should seek funding through social media and the group funding platforms. They are very effective.

Hi Rushion McDonald. I’ve been asking you a great deal about my music career and thank you so far! I wanted to ask about social media. I currently do all my social media content and management, which caught the eye of a successful realtor who asked me to do the same for her. In regards to increasing my social media presence, what is a decent strategy to use when trying to remain consistent without looking like spam if that makes sense? – Moses


You have a feel good brand. I think that you should create set times that you promote your music. Treat your music like a TV show. Promote it, then air it the same time every day. Consistency it what people look for, that is why I launch my Baking Like A Man videos every Saturday at 10AM ET and host Money Making Conversations every Monday at Noon ET.

Good morning, Mr. Rushion. When seeking help to build my business plan (for baking) where should I go? Should I seek someone who specifically deals with food/beverages? – Janét


Every city has a Small Business Administration office and it’s free. I advise you to drop by the office for help. What city do you live in? When I opened my comedy club in Houston, Texas. The SBA office was frequent stop for me and it should be for you too. Do not spend more when there are very successful tools available for free.

I’m looking for a partner to start a food truck. What kind of qualities should I look for? My experience recently has been connecting with someone who is excited about it however fizzles out in the planning process. – Mike


Please make sure that you do your homework on this person. Please get references, because a food truck is a very tight working environment. Plus, is this person going to be an investor in the food truck? I like your idea of a food truck, I don’t like the idea that you don’t have a partner that you can trust. Because there will be long hours and days of no or little business. This is where you need to be in business with someone who understands the journey versus the quick dollar.

Good afternoon Rushion McDonald! I am a videographer/video editor. My dream is to work with Tyler Perry, not because of who he is, but because of what he stands for, his strong faith, and his work ethic . While in school, I was taught that sometimes it’s all about who you know. I’m not looking for a hand out, I work too hard. My question is how do I go about getting connected to those in the entertainment industry. I live in a small town near Charlotte, NC. I would love to get experience working on an actual production set. I primarily freelance and work at my church. Any suggestions and feedback is APPRECIATED! Thanks. – Courtney


Are you doing any work in the local area? If not, I would create an amazing sizzle reel that you should use to promote your skill set. There are a lot of production houses that are looking for talent, but if you have a camera and the ability to edit, then you need to start showing the world by posting it regularly on your Facebook page and create a YouTube channel.

Tax Guru here. I decided to get a booth this year at the Awards weekend in Vegas. Who can I contact to get this reserved early? – Lashon


We are not hosting an Expo in Las Vegas this year. This is tax season, so you need to be pushing your brand right now. The 1st quarter of the year is when your Tax Guru business should be the most active.

Good Afternoon Mr. McDonald, I work for a large health insurance company. I like the business of insurance and want to step out of the corporate structure and work for myself as a licensed insurance producer. Do you have any advice you can give, as far as building clientele? I am licensed in auto, home, health, and life but intimidated to take that leap. – Celeste


I have friends who have been very successful in the insurance business. They are successful, because these large companies constantly market their brands and are always trying to create promotions to drive customers to their local offices. Now they are also successful, because these large insurance companies don’t always insure clients that need insurance. So before you leave I would start developing your brand as an independent agent. You should not be intimidated, because you are good at what you do. I am telling you that the way you gain confidence is building your brand before you exit this very large health insurance company that you are working for. Now remember if you do this, you should not be posting any of this information on your social media. This company should be be branded totally separate from your current employer.