What is success? It means so many different things to so many different people. So what is it? – Will


My definition is different than your definition. Yours is the only one that should matter to you! Consistency will help you reach whatever goal you are striving for.

What’s the secret to growing a business? How do you handle inquiring clients who don’t want to pay you what you are worth? – April


This is a frequently asked question. Do you know your honest value by researching what others are charging for the same services you are offering? Then you can create a competitive rate sheet. This is no different then what you see on those Progressive Insurance commercials.

Now, the best way to grow a business is to have a business plan. If you don’t have a business plan, then you will not understand your growth and your marketing needs.

I’m retired for two years now and have not touched my 401K. We are thinking of building a couple of starter homes and wonder if it would be best to pull money from that or sell some stock for starter construction cost. – Ruby


Do not touch your 401K. You will be hit with tax penalties. If you can accomplish your dreams through stock sales I would move in that direction.

I’m in finances and I believe we have the number one product for athletes and entertainers. For example, you put $2 million in and it will guarantee you 100k a year for the rest of your life immediately (imagine if for example Allen Iverson put big money into it)… How can I get into those markets ? – Adrian 


Do you have a relationship with Allen Iverson? If so, he should become your spokesperson for this high level of success.

Thank you for your advice over the past two weeks. You’ve motivated me in a major way. I have two big events coming up, one is for Wal-Mart and their Breast Cancer Awareness and the other is a Homecoming for football. No excuses only results! – Jamaal


The key to success is marketing. If you have any flyers please post them during my Money Making Conversations sessions!

Do you have advice on creating social events on an upscale level? Is networking for sponsorship the 1st step? – Lena


Before you can seek sponsorship you have to create the event, unless you have experience and a track record for these types of productions. You have to identify your audience and only approach a sponsor that will be interested in your event. Data collection from the event and social integration is also huge.

I have had a strong desire to write a book that is a spin off of an existing book and film. It feels like a great idea to me. It’s actually been a burning desire for me. Your thoughts? – Lena 


You have to get permission to do this first, otherwise you will be wasting your time. The company will probably not authorize you to do it.

Becoming an effective journalistic writer is something I am striving for. What would you suggest to improve skills that always bring an objectionable view and grow as a strong grammarian? And would you suggest going to graduate school to improve my writing? – Tod


Because you want to be an effective journalistic, then you need to start you a blog. This will allow you to define your personality, improve your grammar and develop a following. Your POV is important!

What’s the best way to pursue non profit funding/support? What is best route of consideration profit or nonprofit organization? Should it be an incorporated or limited liability corporation? –Crowder


This is a question that you should be asking your tax man. You should use crowd sourcing sites for funding opportunities.

I am a public relations professional that is building my brand. I represent an artist who has an exhibit at one of Chicago’s museums and she really wants to get on the Steve Harvey show. This isn’t a feature that Mr. Harvey usually covers on his show but the exposure would be great for her and also help my brand tremendously. What do you suggest? – Portia


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