Is there a way to get involved in the entertainment industry with mathematics and architecture degrees? Do you know of anybody hiring? Are you looking for that particular skill set for your business ventures? I would really like to be involved with the entertainment industry. I want to get my foot in the door. I am open to relocation. I also thought of an engineering career as a backup but having trouble identifying positions and companies.I would like to be involved in film. It could be movies or shows. I currently live in Pennsylvania. I was thinking of moving to California. I don’t know how to build an entertainment resume or to even get in the door. I do write and have been working on a script. I would appreciate some assistance. -Toi


My degree is in Mathematics, so having a Bachelor of Science has not hurt my entertainment opportunities. But you have to build an entertainment resume to be consider for these opportunities. Production companies are always hiring Production Assistant positions. You will be starting at the bottom. But so did I and that is a part of the career process. Moving to LA is the smarter move.

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My question is about exposure. Getting exposure is key to generating revenue. I know that my service is excellent as my current members have told me so. But I just can’t turn that corner with getting the right amount of exposure. What are some things I can do to get more exposure to right crowd?

Industry: Education
Website: -Chase


Why does it have to be the urban money lifestyle? You should be trying to make money with everybody. I feel you are limiting your brand, by just promoting an urban brand. I don’t think the first person I see should be someone sporting a t-shirt and they want to handle my investments. You have to understand, certain people have to consistently dress a certain way. I think that the casual look and the urban brand is not good.

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I’m in need of information on raising money for my new 501c3 which focus on young ladies between the ages of 10-17. My program is new to Louisiana. I’m experienced in running a program and am excited to have my first summer camp in 2017! Thanks so much. -Sherry from New Orleans, LA


Opening in a new location is not very smart. You have to establish your roots and relationships first before these people are going to be your first line of contact to build your business.

I want to start a business in which it is more focused on African dance. I want to get a space and turn it into a place where my African people can come and hang out and show off their African dance and I’m trying to figure out how to get started. I’m relocating to Texas and I need some advice on how to get started. -Vanessa


You need to create a business plan. Go to your local small business administration office and they will assist you with the current information. Moving to a new city is going to be difficult, because you need to develop relationships to get the word out about your studio.

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I want to start a staffing company for television production staff. I have almost 20 years television production experience, but none in staffing. Do you have any advice on what’s the best way to get started? Should I look for someone to partner with that has staffing experience or should I put the company on hold and try finding jobs in the staffing world myself to gain the experience? Thank you for your time. -Shon


You want to create a production agency so when someone wants to launch a show, they will contact your company for qualified production talent. What are the fields of jobs that you will be offering at your agency? This is something you need to consider and think about. Here is a company that is offering the same services:

I am a 36yr old videographer/video editor whose dream is to be a part of the Tyler Perry Studios family. I live in Gastonia, NC (west of Charlotte). Charlotte is known for banking and my city is known for restaurants or manufacturing. Georgia is becoming the new Hollywood. I want to move, but financially I’m unable to. Friends have told me to still apply to TP Studios and other film jobs in GA. Moving to GA is definitely on my vision board. What steps should I take to move, when financially I’m unable to, but my dream is in GA? -Courtney from Gastonia, NC


Why aren’t you moving to LA? That is where the most opportunities are available for your skill set. Atlanta will be just a lateral move for you. Yes it is an upgrade, but the real job opportunities are in LA. Don’t buy into that new Hollywood talk. GA does have increased production, but the real production is going to be in LA.

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I have been trying to save money for nail school and have not been successful at it and I’m very passionate about becoming a nail technician because I love fashion. Plus, I have 3 daughters at home and one in college and it would help me to be with my children more and plus I enjoy it! The cost of it is $3,200….I tried everything from a GoFundMe campaign to raising financial aid (which MS does not offer financial aid for nail technician). Please help! -Madeline from D’Iberville, MS


I feel that you need to simplify things in order to get to your dream. You have to plan your future and not be in a hurry. You can create a one or two year plan to success. The one year plan requires you to save $133.33 a month and the two year plan requires you to save $66.67. Do not start the school and not have the full amount. Success is about planning!


I would like to have advice on how to become a motivational speaker. -Gen


You can start at youth centers, single mom and domestic abuse centers and homeless shelters.

I currently have a sock company but I am seeing that I really need to either find a source for funding or a partner that can see and understand the vision and partner with me to the next level from where it is now. I’m not really interested in the Go Fund me sites. Any ideas? Current name of the business is Krazy Sox. The website is -James from Villa Rica, GA


Your website is very underdeveloped. You have no models sporting your socks and the website experience is not very good. So your number one problem right now is marketing and branding. Once you clear that problem up, then you can look for investors.

Hello Rushion,

I’ve narrowed down what I want do that won’t need a lot of start up money…I would like to start my own plant nursery. I live on 3 acres of land that came with lots of maple trees, Japanese, hedges, red maple and more that produce seeds I can use to start the process. I know I have to do some research on when to start planting and the materials needed. -Tammie


Your biggest expense is going to be water. So I would advise you to drill a well, so your water would be free to irrigate your plants. Now 3 acres is not that big, considering you want to start a nursery, but everything has to be in row and you have to sell the trees while they are still young.