I’m a youth motivational speaker whom wants to reach a broader audience, however, it seems that the schools who needs my services the most don’t have the resources to pay. I would love to give back as often as I can because I understand the process of “each one, teach one.” However, every 30 days the bills have to be paid. I’m very passionate about what I do, I just would like to be compensated for my time and efforts and services. This is that job I would do for free if financially I was where I wanted to be. How can I attract the clients that will pay for my services? Thanks for your time and input. -Nadir from Washington, D.C.


I understand your need to get paid, but you have to create relationship and a brand to consistently get paid. Right now your social media following is not strong enough to demand getting paid all the time. So I advise you to start doing more free stuff in the fourth quarter of this year to build your reputation and spread your brand. You need to record and Facebook Live some of your events for hype and documentation. I was just at Circle of Sister this weekend and I did not get paid for my Money Making Conversations, because I am building my reputation and my brand.

My husband has a patent and have been approved by the FDA for a new beverage…How does he get started, find a company to bottle and package, and get the information out there for consumers? -Cecelia


Congrats on setting up everything the right way. I know you are asking me the questions and not him, but has he started selling this product on the local level yet? And who will be his consumers? For instance. will this be Whole Foods type customers? These are the type of questions you both need to answer going forward.

I am now a working actor in Los Angeles, CA. I just joined SAG-Aftra, I am acting in a play in Hollywood and taking acting classes with Tasha Smith. When should I focus on getting representation? And how do you recommend I go about doing so? -Hashim from Los Angeles, CA


Please tell Tasha I said hello, she is very good people and an excellent acting coach. You are in good hands. Also, congrats on making the decision to chase your dream. Now if you should start sending representation, do so right now. There is a bookstore in Hollywood called Samuel French and they carry a book that list all of the agencies and managers on the West Coast. This book will also tell which ones are looking for new talent, so you can send your picture and resume. It will be difficult for you to get a theatrical agent, but you should have no problem getting a commercial agent. It’s all about looks and personality. So get that book today and start your acting career!

GM Rushion,

I now have a food trailer to promote my mobile kitchen and food products such as my Smoked Creole Seasoned Turkey Legs and my Lord and Barrett Sausage Co. products. Getting it ready for the Super Bowl. I’m ready for the meeting with you. -Troy


This is fantastic. You should put quality signage on your truck to promote your business and your Facebook page should have all of these great pictures.

Good morning Mr. McDonald,

Thank you again for sharing your business nuggets! OK, so I’ve been working on my site please take a look: www.perfectingadministration.com -Xenia from Castro Valley, CA


Your testimonial page and rates page look low quality. Please enhance them, because they are key pages in developing your business brand.

OK, my biggest question is how do you jumpstart your business? I have a catering business and I want to be a personal chef in Arizona and need help promoting my business and getting it off the ground. I have a culinary arts degree and restaurant management experience. The hardest thing in the world is to connect with people here in Arizona. How do you do that? -Joycelyn


What catering events have you hosted or have been booked for? Do you have a website or Facebook page? The more information you can provide me, the better I can assist you.

Good morning!

Realistically, how long do you think it would take to raise $100K for a producer’s 1st indy film? -Candi


It depends on who you and know and how you go about asking for the money.

I’ve used up all of my investments and savings due to being disabled for the past 5 years. I am 50 plus years old and need advice on how to start saving again now. I became part time in 2009, and unemployed in 2013. Without revealing more details, it was bad, plus I did not invest wisely. That is why I am inquiring about this. My pension is minimal. I am in school full time to receive a degree to get a better paying career.


Getting additional education is always smart when you find yourself in a competitive work space. Hopefully you have good health and with good planning and patience your life will begin to start moving forward.

Good morning,
What’s the best way to start your own business and also a non-profit organization? -Cindy from Miami, FL


Volunteer your time and gain stronger relationships before you open your non-profit. Success is about relationships and you need to build more opportunities.

Good morning,
I’ve been in business for close to 6 years. DO you have any tips on being organized as far as papers, receipts, clients, etc.? I have two employees but lately have been feeling overwhelmed. -Pecola from Cleveland, OH


You really need to sit down with your employees and evaluate what they are doing for you. The purpose of any employee is to make your life more comfortable. If you have employees with limited skills, you should upgrade. The stress you are dealing with is totally fixable.