Thanks for the opportunity to share. I have a Brand, PR and Strategy Agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa; Atlanta and soon DC and London. We focus on building Pan-African brands and solid business development with those who wish to be a part of Africa’s immense growth trajectory. People in Africa know/love Steve Harvey, how can I connect with you to share the various approaches made to me in this regard. – Jacque


I appreciate this question and love the fact that you are expanding your brand. Essence Festival announced last week that they would be developing an Essence Festival for South Africa, so these are exciting economic times in Africa.

If you want to communicate with Steve Harvey TV President of his companies, contact Gerald Washington at If you want to reach me you can email I look forward to your continued success!

Why is it so hard to get start up business funding? Am I writing the wrong business plan? –Lordess


Do you have any work experience or expertise in your field that you are creating the business plan for? Work history and experience plays a major role in finances.

I self-published a book last year to help young teenagers achieve their best and I’d like to know what is the best way to bring it out to the national stage, via radio or media appearance? The book has received positive responses and we’ve sold over 200 copies of the book thus far. I guess I need more of a plan on how best to promote the book, as sales have stalled since it’s initial launch. – Geovanni


I really feel that you have not executed a proper marketing plan. Also, you need to have a meeting with Teens so they can assist you in getting the word out and to promote the hot topics in your book that they would want to hear.

Today begins National Estate Planning Week. My company will be giving away FREE estate planning forms all week. Today, we address why every adult needs a healthcare power of attorney and we focus on the law behind why Khloe Kardashian was able to make healthcare decisions for Lamar Odom.

My question: what is best way to effectively disseminate this free information and giveaway free estate planning forms? – Kimberly


This is big business for banks, lawyers and insurance companies, so know that you are fighting an uphill battle. However, it is a battle that you can win and it will be based on your business relationships. Also, you have to be patient. Start giving out weekly advice to potential customers on your social media handles to create brand credibility.

Your church members can play a major role in spreading your brand. You should create a local free business at your school, church and community center. You can even host monthly meetings at your home or place of business.

I’m a hairstylist and I’ve been working in salons helping others achieve their goals as salon owners. What is the BEST WAY to start my own or find investors?

Also, I’ve been writing trying to complete my 1st book… what’s the BEST WAY to have it published? – Sylvia


My younger brother owns three barber/beauty salons in the DC area and he is very successful. You make your money in salons based on booth rentals in your shop, hair care products and your personal hair care following. Have you developed a business for this model? You cannot get anybody to invest unless they see your financial vision. This site will help you with your business plan.

Last time you advised me not to contact the likes of Billboard, Essence and so on… Great advise indeed! Since then I have been focusing my efforts on my music, successfully launched my very first concert of many more to come, scary, but accomplished. I have been building my social media audience as well. I know a team, professional team is vital, such as a personal manager, business manager, attorney and agent.

I have been thinking of making a list of people to contact such as managers and entertainment attorneys, not to harass, but seek out in building my career. At this point, should I continue with what I am doing until industry professionals get wind of me or is it worth reaching out from time to time to them? – Moses


The most important part of this conversation is that you are developing a plan. Once you have a plan, then you are seeing the elements of success. I would reach out to managers and agents only when you can invite them to see you in a packed house and performing live. This is how KEM made it happen for himself. Your dream is starting to come true, just keep the course steady and plan ahead!

What is the best way to promote my Book, Blog and Business to help others who are disabled and shut in So that they can become who God has for them? I am a Author, Blog Host and Entrepreneur with Goals of being a Voice for individuals in unusual Situations and Circumstances! – Madelyn


Welcome to my world. The number #1 way to promote your book is through social media and branded relationships. You should start posting weekly excerpts from your book. Take advantage of branded relationships by contacting these various organizations that your book is supporting and offering them a piece of the sales if they post your book on their site.

Finally, you should seek assistance from your church and have it mentioned in the weekly church announcements and on the website. You can offer a donation to the church if they assist in the promotions of your book.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with my sister and I on Thursday to discuss expanding her cake business! Your advice was very helpful.

One thing we didn’t touch on was marketing and finding investors for her business. Can you offer some suggestions on best practices for marketing and finding investors for her business? – Valarie


I thought the meeting was fantastic in my Chicago office. In order to gain interest in your business you have to create a business plan. That is why we discussing consistent prices and focusing on the high volume cakes only. Plus making sure that your business gains tremendous traction during the holiday seasons.

How does one ride the line between having a diverse workforce and hiring the most qualified candidates? – Dale


Just hire the most qualified people. I learned that the hard way. Run your business on qualifications and not color. Just make sure you are giving everyone the same opportunity to apply!

I am looking to work from home, but I’m nervous about whether I’m dealing with a legitimate company since a lot of companies are asking for money for me to work for them. Can you please give me some advice & do you know of any legitimate companies that I can check out? – Alicia


Please do not spend money that you don’t have. Also, these plans always look pretty on paper.