I have helped a few start up businesses and/or provided on-going insight, guidance, & support to be successful. Yet, many don’t want to pay or compensate me for my service. Why is it hard to get others to do so or even consider investing in my own plans? – Lisa


Before you even start you need to be asking for a deposit. If they don’t want to pay a deposit, then that signals a red flag. You have an intellectual talent and a lot people don’t calculate the time and effort in being creative. They would see more effort in stacking boxes.

What genre do you see on the upswing in the television market example reality, game shows, documentary, scripted series, horror, comedies etc. etc.? – Dale


Timing is everything so if you have a great idea you need to write a treatment for your pitch. Right now you are only pitching ideas. Thus, there is still a lot of work in developing the treatment. This site will help you write one.

If you’ve applied for a job with a radio station and didn’t get a response, and you really want to be a radio host where do you begin? As far as having your own station. – Gina


You should start as a street teamer, so the station can see how you relate to people and how people relate to you. You will be at all of the outdoor events and concerts. You will be helping set up the live broadcasts and keeping the crowds pumped up!

I recently had the chance to start going to real estate school. I really want to start my own business and become a realtor. I’m 42 and would like to know if going back to school for real estate is a good idea to get started. – Tiffonie


I have a degree in Math and sociology and I have no regrets! If you want to conquer the world of real estate you have to get a license. Also, 42 is still very young to make a career change. But please remember it is still going to be a lot work and the real estate business is very competitive.

Do you have any advice for building and marketing a food truck? – Corey


You should definitely put your social media handles on your truck. Where you park also affects how you drum up business.

After being laid off three times in two years I decided to go back to college and try medical office management but due to finances was not able to continue. Long story short, I moved from the DFW area, back to Houston this past June.

Any ideas for “starting over” at 57? I have experience in the mortgage industry as well as secretarial experience. I love helping people, especially the elderly. I actually think I may have attended U of H w you. I graduated HS in 77 and attended Fall 77-78 – Gwendolyn


I was on campus at the time that you attended UH. I was struggling trying to find myself academically. I think you should start working for some temporary agencies, because of your diverse office skills. It will give you a better option later on if you want to stay with the company. I have worked a lot temp jobs in my life and find them all to be fulfilling. They also upgraded my job resume.

How do you market your business to make it more diverse and what’s the best way to advertise? I want to break into the cooperate arena as an event videographer/photographer.

My current business is Honey Productions in which I am an event photographer/videographer. I specialize in Red Carpet events in which I role out my red carpet and step and repeat at birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, pastor anniversaries, etc. Guests will come in and I will take their picture plus record their well wishes to the honoree and give the honoree a commemorative professionally edited dvd of the event.

Recently I have started doing promos/commercials for pastors to promote their church or special events however I want to be more diverse with my work but how do I market that? – April


You need to be on Yelp, Google and Yahoo as a business. Plus you need to have a website to display your work for references.

I have few dreams, but my life goal is to be a better father to my children. What can I do to make a better impression in their lives? To be honest, I was once a Dead beat dad. – Rufus


I commend you for wanting to do more for your kids! First you need to tell your children that you love them every day. If you can tell them twice each day that is even better. Second, you need to create a consistent schedule with them. A schedule that you cannot break and also one that you can make happen. Third, don’t expect things to change over night. You are building a bond of love and trust. A child doesn’t want a lot from their parents. They just want you to be there for the small things and the big things. So start telling them you love them today and always hug your children and appreciate the blessings.

I have a self-published book called: “You Get What You Ask For” on Amazon.com and Kindle. Most of my friends have purchased it, read it and love it.

How do I get my book out to a broader audience, besides using Social Media? I have a page and I do post from time to time. I really need to do more and I will! I will definitely enlist Church Members, other than ones I consider “friends”. I know that networking is a key element and only I can get it in gear to get it done! – Veronica


Please use me as an example. What if I hosted Money Making Conversations from Time to Time? Do you think it would be this popular. Right now I am in the backseat of a cab taking me to the airport. People support me, because I give good advice and I am consistent. They know they can count on you. You just have to become more focused on your brand and never miss a beat in promoting you. Right now you are getting the results based on you inconsistent efforts.

I’m a pastry chef who makes extraordinary pastries and desserts! I have a website and get a few orders a month. I’m trying increase business but struggling with social media Facebook Instagram etc. The passion and craft is there on the culinary side but the business side is where I need help! Can you give me some advice on how to handle the marketing/business side? – Lisa


You have a skill that is easily developed and can create a tremendous following. You need to start posting pictures and short video of your cooking and baking on Facebook today. Please let me know when you start. I look forward to your success!