Hi Mr. McDonald,

I am requesting your advice in directives for my School of Cosmetology. I need help with a business plan. I have written a mission statement, and a few other statements. Please advise. -Linda 


You just need to visit your local Small Business Administration office and they will assist you with your business. They have examples of your type of business and many manuals that will educate you about your business.

Good Morning Mr. Rushion McDonald,

I launched my weekly FB Live event, #AskMelisa, about a month ago. I’m a CEO, transition coach, and producer. I answer questions on personal questions and business. Here is my question: On a format such as Facebook Live, how do I gauge growth? What’s the best way to measure what my audience is benefiting from most? I’m getting more small business/career questions from folks now. I answer questions on career shifts, entrepreneurship, personal matters, and entertainment. The page views have been about the same for each show (200-300 views) as well as the comments. What’s my next best move on this platform to expand my Base? Thanks again for your time… appreciate you always. -Melissa from Atlanta, GA


Your growth will be gauged by your likes, shares and views. Since you have only been doing this a month, I feel that you are in fairly good shape. You need to post your Facebook page with some small ad buys and enlist your friends and professionals to share your post for promotion. Finally you need to be consistent and host your Facebook Live event the same day and time every week, except holidays.

Hello Mr. McDonald,

What are the best ways to get sponsorships for an event geared toward raising money for a non-profit? If you have time to answer, what are some strategies that have worked for you or Steve in marketing such an event? -Vashon from Philadelphia, PA


You have find out what companies support your cause. Just because you have a good cause does not mean that a company will sponsor your dream. So you have to do research on those companies. Then you can create a role for them as an outright that will benefit their charitable focus.

Mr. McDonald,

I absolutely love fashion…especially thrifting for less and making it [the clothing] and people look and feel like it was a bought from an high end store….I really would like to combine these two loves and turn them into something big…what would be my first step? -Lisa from Greenville, SC


Turn your garage or home into a weekend thrift store. You should raid all of your friends and families closet and get organized. I know I have some clothes that I would give you to start your store.

I’m requesting advice on starting my own catering business…thanks. -Donna


If you want to start your own catering business, then you need to create a business plan and do some research on catering. Then you need to visit your local Small Business Administration office in your city. It is free and it will get you started in the right direction.

Hello Rushion,

I’m a Licensed Real Estate Broker here in Illinois and over the past year I’ve worked very hard building the foundation of my business and getting my brand out there! I’ve passed out hundreds of flyers, door hangers, business cards and I also paid for Facebook ad campaigns. Do you have any ideas on what I can do to continue to grow my clientele? Thank you for taking the time out your day to help all of us, its greatly appreciated! -Terrell from Chicago, IL


Do you have a magnetic sign promoting your business on both of your car doors? It is an affordable way to get your name and brand out there with a lot of exposure.

Hello Mr. Rushion McDonald,

What would be your advice on branding when it comes to books, sponsorship, movies, etc.? –A. from San Diego, CA


This is a very generic post about branding. Which one do you want me to respond and what are you pitching? I need to know as much as you can tell me so that I can best answer your questions.

I need some good investments. Not looking to gain tomorrow, but nothing that takes too long. -Ta

You need to talk to a financial professional. You can only get quick results if you take big risks. And you cannot complain when you lose. If you are comfortable with that I can recommend a financial advisor.

How do you attract investors? -Todd from New York, NY


What are you goals and your need for investors? Have you a created a business plan? These are the types of questions you should have answers to before seeking out investors.

I am interested in pitching to radio and television (during the local news segments). Can you provide any advice as to how to properly and successfully execute a good pitch?….local news stations and morning syndicated news shows often have various special segments, i.e., shopping tips, career advice, etc. I am looking to pitch a 2-5 minute segment idea to the media, both radio and television. I just don’t know how to package the pitch. -Ramona


You can contact the local news station and they will forward you to a producer for that show and then you can pitch your ideas. Now for national talk shows, just go to their website and they have a segment where you can pitch your ideas. If they like your pitch, then they will contact you.