Appearing on this episode of Money Making Conversations is Lloyd Strayhorn, Astro-Numerologist Expert, CEO of Numbers and Media LLC and Author of “Numbers and You: A Numerology Guide for Everyday Living”; Luke James, GRAMMY nominated Recording artist, Songwriter and Actor; new album “To Feel Love/d” streaming now; Dr. John Singer, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion and Professor of Sport Management in the College of Education and Human Development at Texas A&M University; and Robert Brace, Founder & Owner of Brace Life Studios, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Wellness Expert, Motivational Speaker and Founder of the 28 Day Challenge Wellness Program.

Money Making Conversations talk shows are about entrepreneurship and entertainment. The interviews give the consumer and business owners access to Celebrities, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Industry Decision Makers. They provide relatable information to the listener about career and financial planning, entrepreneurship, motivation, leadership, overcoming the odds, and how to live a balanced life.

It is essential to understand that everybody travels a different path to success. That is because your brand is different. The challenges you face in your life are different. So stop reading other people’s success stories and start writing your own. The Money Making Conversations interviews will encourage you to lead with your gifts and never use age as an excuse when planning your goals.

“Lead with Your Gifts!”

Rushion McDonald is a two-time Emmy Award-winning and three-time NAACP Image Award-winning television and film producer. He is a sitcom writer, social media influencer, brand architect, entrepreneur, and award-winning baker.