Dr. Cedrek McFadden

TV medical contributor and a black health advocate, Dr. Cedrek McFadden, joins me on Money Making Conversations Master Class. He provides medical advice on everything from the COVID to making the most of regular checkups.

Topics Covered

Emotional Scars created by COVID isolation.

Importance of acknowledging health issues in your community.

Being honest and serious when speaking with your doctor.

Attending college in New Orleans, Xavier University.

More on Dr. Cedrek McFadden

Dr. Cedrek McFadden is a popular TV medical contributor and a black health advocate appearing regularly on the CBS affiliate in the Upstate of South Carolina. He passionately weighs in on a wide range of health topics for the station. Educating the public and helping viewers navigate their lives during the pandemic has been a recent hot subject for Dr. McFadden. His broadcast commentary covers vaccines, variants, masking, reinfections, antibodies, and coping with loss and isolation.