Stanley Cup Winner Daniel Carcillo

Daniel Carcillo, former NHL player and Stanley Cup Champion, opens up about his struggles with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and how psychedelics have helped him heal. In a raw and emotional interview, Carcillo discusses how psycho-assisted therapy using psychedelics has changed his life for the better. He introduces the motivation behind founding Wesana, his biotechnology company Wesana Health.

Topics Covered

  • Daniel’s journey leaving the NHL and his own personal struggle as a survivor of TBI (traumatic brain injury)
  • Daniel’s path to psychedelic-assisted therapy and his ultimate success with the treatment
  • Founding Wesana (including the vision behind the company, the years of research that went into it–– as well as the pioneering work that the company is now doing in the mental health care space)
  • His work as an advocate for others afflicted by TBI
  • The future of psychedelic-assisted therapy in treating traumatic brain injuries and mental illnesses


More on Daniel Carcillo

Daniel Carcillo is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wesana Health, a biotechnology company focused on developing the novel therapies of tomorrow and delivering new care paradigms today. A well-known speaker and advocate on behalf of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivors and people dealing with mental health challenges, Mr. Carcillo spent nearly a decade researching different treatment regimens and consulting experts to find effective care for his mental health conditions. In 2019, Mr. Carcillo founded Wesana, bringing together leaders in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries to move forward his vision to deliver novel pharmaceuticals that help optimize treatment outcomes for patients with mental health disorders.