Ronnie Green

Ronnie Green knows a thing or two about fishing. The host of A Fishing Story, Ronnie has been successful in the BASS, FLW, and ABA fishing circuits. But it all started with a simple trip to the lake with his dad. In this exclusive interview, Ronnie discusses the importance of fishing and how it’s more than just a hobby – it’s a way of life.

Topics Covered

Connection bewtwen slavery and fishing

Fishing boom during Covid

Why do we need a fishing license

How to catch and grab a catfish correctly.

More on A Fishing Story

A Fishing Story is a series filled with Ronnie’s philosophy to celebrate the small things in life. Ronnie shares his passion for fishing and has a gift for finding the stories that aren’t often told with his guests each week. He is proud to say that he has caught a lot of fish in his lifetime, and even won tournaments! Ronnie was raised in San Antonio, Texas and now lives in Tampa, Florida, where he fishes every day possible.