I just recently received 6 awards over the weekend. Many government officials were in attendance. I was told that many people would love to donate my books to various causes. What are you thoughts of me forming a non-profit organization for my books? Is this possible even though my business is for profit?
-Heddrick from Queens, New York


You can definitely do both profit and non-profit ventures. You should pick the books that you would like to commit to your charitable side. It is very important that you do that so you won’t confuse your business model and also for tax purposes. Selling the book and giving it away can be confusing and often times taxing for your account. Congratulations on your honors; they are well-deserved and the fact that you are willing to help people in need is a great thing to hear and read. I wish you good luck and that you keep winning both ways.

What ideas or advice can you share with me about marketing a book? The title is “Wrecked, but Not Totaled” and it’s about how God never gives up on us and how He uses our wrecked lives to make a difference.
Kendale from Hattiesburg, Mississippi


Have you used social media to promote your book? It is the first step in spreading the word about your book. Also, have you exposed the book to members of your church and got their social media involved? And finally, has there been a church announcement about your book?

Hi Rushion,

As one who follows your passion of baking, what advice would you have for someone who loves to cook, but has no desire to open a restaurant? I want to teach people about the health benefits and pharmacology of herbs and spices while pleasing their palate. Though I want to feed people’s palate, I also want to use this as a platform to feed them other useful nuggets. Information is key! I’d like to have people’s honest opinion of how my food tastes in a private sector and not a restaurant. How may one get started? I want to have an app for medicinal food properties so that America can get back to Eden and heal their bodies God’s way.


If you don’t want to open a restaurant, but want to give back, why not create a cooking night at a local shelter? It can be a woman’s shelter and it can really help inspire these ladies and help them get their lives focused and on the right track. Now that I’ve given you the idea, it’s time for you to get to cooking and changing lives. I bake for my staff all the time and it not only makes me feel good, but makes their lives better.

I am interested in entering the entertainment arena as a comedian/radio personality or television personality. What avenue is best to showcase my talents and do I need an entertainment attorney or agent in order to audition for potential opportunities? Thank you.
-Brenda from Barnwell, South Carolina


Is there a club in your area that allows open mic auditions? Because I feel you need to develop your comedy career first before you move into radio. Comedy will give you a brand to pitch your success stories and land an opportunity to be on the radio or a street team participant at a local radio station.  I have done all the things you are asking, so I know it is possible.


I am in the process of partnering with some international organizations to produce books for their kids. Do you think I should play a background role since I am not a native of their countries?
McBride Stories

McBride Stories,

This is your brand that you are trying to build and it’s very important that your message is heard. You cannot play a background role in marketing your books.

I spoke at my mothers church and the preacher there asked me, “Why aren’t you a motivational speaker?” I told him I wanted to be an author and he said, “Why not both?”
Rufus from Cleveland, Ohio


You are the only person stopping your success. I have told you that many times during our conversations. Speaking at the church should be your launching pad for your dreams. Stop limiting what you can do, because you can do everything.

Good morning, my friend. My question is how do I brand my product and LLC? I have my shirts to sell for my book but I would like to donate some of my blessings to the teen moms I work with. Thank you
-Charlotte from San Francisco, California


This is a simple tax question. You just want to donate a portion of your earnings. It is easier to do a direct donation to a cause. If you are trying to donate a portion of your t-shirts, then you need to set a price and please make sure it is not a crazy number.

Mr. McDonald,

Would you be willing to support a wonderful invention for children called Hat All in One? My father invented this right before his passing in 2012 and my sister and I have done all the legal work and have sold the product to over 30 daycares. We are the vendor for the largest school system in NC. I need help to get it off the ground and get world wide views. We are currently re-desiging the website. -Brian


The video on your site is currently down. If the video has been taken down, then you need to update your website. It is very important that when marketing your brand you don’t frustrate the customer. That is exactly what happened to me. I do not want you to send me a video. I want the one on your site to start working. It is very important. I created Money Making Conversations to motivate people to success and to show them how small missteps can hurt their dreams or business.

My goal in 2016 is to work in media with Steve Harvey & his team! I am open and ready for the opportunity. I can say with all confidence that I would be an asset if given the opportunity. My question is…when do you need me to start? -Tyressa


I really feel you are limiting yourself by selecting one company or organization. Choosing to work for Steve is great, but nobody is resigning from the gigs that are available to you at his company. Also, a lot of his TV shows are produced by other production companies who do the hiring. So why not look at other networks or the many larger production houses that have more opportunities to hire you? Please expand your work horizon. I am definitely not shooting down your dream. Just letting you know that Steve has a lot of happy employees.

Hi Rushion,

I’m back to discuss the “Total Tie Keep” again, which is an alternative to the tie bar. It’s hidden behind the tie so, it doesn’t take away from the ties design. It keeps the tie straight and positioned until taken off. It doesn’t dent the tie like tie bars can. It doesn’t leave the tie stiff and rigid either like tie bars do. It’s not only for fashion, it’s for industries where ties are required. It keeps the tie from flying forward. We want to partner with a neck tie company. We think it’s the perfect accessory and compliment to the necktie. The only reason we didn’t get the Shark Tank deal [Shamone has mentioned this in a previous MMC before] was because the founder has a career and cannot be 100% dedicated right now.
-Shamone from Grosse Point Woods, Michigan


With all of your hard work, are you asking for a piece of the company? You are putting a lot of time and effort into the company, and you should be considered a sweat equity partner. The owner can be a time limit on the deal. Every year, your percentage in the company can grow to a max number. You deserve it and it will help you become even more passionate about pushing your business.