Hi…Happy Monday! My business has just turned 5 years old and I am going from being an independent contractor business to being an employer. What advice on having employees would you give me? Also, what important paperwork (taxes, etc.) should I look for? My salon is located in the heart of downtown Cleveland, and we cater to both men and women. We are a full-service salon, and we handle hair, nail, skins, and spa treatments. -Pecola from Cleveland, Ohio


I am so glad you are asking. When hiring people please do your research. My brother has three barber and hair salons in the DC area. He has always told me that stylist are very emotional people and hype their popularity more than it really is. The number one complaint you are going to get from employees is about the times when business is slow. This when they will start whining about their booth space costing too much. But, during the peak season, they won’t bother you when things are rolling strong. My number one advice is do not hire newbies in the business, and do not hire messy people or people with big personalities. If you want to go employees, newbies are your better training ground. Train them for your business brand. Newbies are not good when renting booth space.

I am currently a social worker. I have an MSW degree and am looking into pursuing my Ph.d in psychology. I am an advocate for incarcerated youth. I would like to start doing public speaking and special events on ways to improve/ help youth with criminal records. I would like to market/ brand myself. Do you have any pointers on ways to market my services? How to network with other advocates in regards to lobbying and social justice issues?


I used to speak at at-risk schools or centers. You should start there first, and please be consistent with your attendance. The kids are familiar with one offs and don’t like it. Plus you want to develop a consistent base so you can develop a plan on how to consistently reach these troubled teens. I started with those at-risk schools and it changed my life. Though you are asking to make a change they have to deal with the same problems everyday. But more importantly, they don’t have strong male leadership in their life.

Hello Rushion. Thank you again on the advice you gave me the last time. However, I would like you to expand on your comment. I did as you advised and interviewed publicist and in doing so I am finding that most of them do not understand targeting to African-American women for health related issues. As you know, obtaining a publicist is costly regardless of results. How do I weed out the agencies or people that say they can help me, versus the ones that have a track record in promoting someone like myself? I understand I should continue to interview but I am at a lost for how to narrow down the publicists. I understand it’s not going to be easy and I am willing to continue the work and research. By the way, I am a Podiatric Surgeon correcting bunions and hammertoes with a cosmetic result.
Dr. Yolanda from Manhattan, New York

Dr. Yolanda,

First, let me say I love your foot business and feel good that I was a part of its early success when we are broadcasting the morning in NYC on WBLS. Now, is your business seasonal or is steady year-round? This will help in our marketing plans. Also, have you ever partnered with some of the popular nail salons in NYC? Your relationship should be national. You send them customers and they post your services in their salons. This type of marketing could really create some nice fun branding for your business and also make it available to people who may not have considered going to you.

My book is almost finished! Do you recommend that I self-publish? Or do you have any recommendations for a good book publishing company?
-Wisdom Over Book Smarts Facebook Page (Located in Dallas, TX)

Wisdom Over Book Smarts,

I like the title. It seems this book is about common sense. With that being said, have you set up a group and read parts of your book to them to get feedback? This is very important, because you could be missing some key elements in your book. Writing a book like yours, it is important that you listen to your “think tank” group before you publish! They will have some words of wisdom for your writing and help you widen your book appeal. Please keep me posted.

So, I decided to manage the ventriloquist [Sharon has commented in previous MMC’s] and put my career on hold. What do you think? He has only done shows in Portland, Oregon…I am bringing him to do a show in Seattle in May, hoping that it will be a new beginning as far as get him exposure. –Sharon


Does this ventriloquist have a following so that you may generate revenue? Are you building this person’s career from scratch? These are important questions to consider.

Thanks for all the great tips and advice…Do you do a weekly video podcast?
Tony from Chicago, Illinois


I think I am going to have to breakdown and start doing the podcast or do Facebook Live during my Money Making Conversations, because it is being asked a lot. I may do it once a month.

I have been very busy producing books and conducting workshops all over the country. I have been considering hiring a manager to handle my day-to-day affairs. What qualifications/duties should I expect from a manager? How should they be compensated? –Heddrick from Queens, New York


Hiring an employee is always interesting. Lord knows I have made many mistakes. Do you have anyone who believes in your dream? You should start with that type of person first and pitch your idea. Money is not the initial focus of your conversation, but their passion for your dream. I thought you could hire people to do the work you want done and that is not true. You have to hire people who want to accomplish the same dreams that you want with your company and your personal life. It does not matter the amount of money you pay them if they are only doing it for the check.

I was accepted to the video stage of Shark Tank. Please advise what you think is the best way to value your start up company when giving the Sharks an amount, seeking for a certain percentage. I don’t want to over or under value. I have six days to submit paperwork, video, photos, and accounting info. I have an accountant and a lawyer both giving me numbers I am not certain of. Please advise. Today is day 3
-Premise from New York, New York


CONGRATS! This is awesome. You value your company based on your competition and what they are charging and grossing in your lane of business. Also try this small business value calculator. https://www.calcxml.com/calculators/business-valuation

Hi Rushion,

I’m trying to get traffic to my Go Fund Me account. I’m trying to start a music website to help independent artists and open up housing for homeless veterans. You can check the link below to see what I’m missing. Also, how do I get media outlets to cover my story and mission?

gofundme.com/musicandveterans -Spike Da Icon Facebook Page

Spike Da Icon,

I am not trying to kill your dream, but this is a very popular avenue for new artists and there are a lot of options. But if you are going to make your Go Fund Me work, your page has to have more marketing potential. Right now it is too bland and it should not be. You should be more creative with your look, so people can be excited that this could be the next big thing! You are selling dreams at a very low key level and that should not be happening! Step up your promotional game on your Go Fund Me page and you will reap greater results. Right now, your story seems normal and you might get some small print. I welcome you to build out your Go Fund Me page with better pictures. I also want you to tell you story better. What music and industry relationships do you have? Who are you and your industry accomplishments? Please keep me posted.

Good morning, Rushion. I am towards the end of my journey to lose 200 pounds by June which is Men’s Health Month. Last year the first book in my 100 Small Steps Series was published by Morgan James as a proof of concept enterprise. My question is twofold. 1. Would you be interested or do you know an agent that would be interested in helping me shop the entire 100 Small Steps series (I own 100% of the copyright)? 2. Are you interested in pulling together a series of weekly victory stories for TSHS in June featuring men who have triumphed over obesity, depression, cancer, etc.? If so I would welcome the opportunity to partner with you as your obesity/depression story. -Keith


This is exciting and congrats. Have you been posting your before and after on your social media pages and websites?You want to become a voice for your brand and the only way this can happen is by you promoting it. I do not have time to assist you, because of my many other projects that are under development. Also the Steve Harvey Morning Show has a contract with Dherbs and we cannot use another diet program or story on the morning show. But we do look at these types of stories on his TV show. Please go to www.steveharveytv.com and submit your story.