Every Monday I host a chat called Money Making Conversations on my Facebook page where I answer questions from 12 – 1 PM EST. Here is a recap of some of this week’s questions!

I’m a 34yr old freelance videographer/photographer but my day job of a landscaper pays the bills but its not satisfying and its always check to check. How do you suggest I make the transition from landscaper to videographer and still pay the bills??? Thanks in advance for your time! – Malachi


Until you make a full time commitment to what you want to do, you will achieve part time results. I was a part time comedian while I was still at IBM, but it was not until I fully committed to being a comedian that I achieved better results. Success is not overnight so you must be prepared for the hard times, and then the good times that will follow.

How does one launching an entertainment production company that has a few comedy tv show and film project concepts get in front of the right people to connect the dots to see it make it to the masses. And who are the “right people” to sit down with when you’re dealing with creative works/intellectual property? – James


There are tons of production companies that are always looking for content. I would check the credits for comedy shows that are already on air and reach out to the ones that fit your style to pitch your shows.

I have been trying to get my video game console business started but I don’t know which way to go about it. First I started writing out a business plan, but don’t have capital for my business as well as I’m still looking for work. How could I get money for my business and what about 7 (a) Loan? – Sheba


Nobody can give you money unless you tell them how much money you need, and how you plan to pay them back. This will be found in your business plan. Even if your family comes to you for money you should ask for a business plan. I learned this the hard way!

How do you suppose someone in the funeral industry gain attention of the funeral homes? Do you suggest cold calling or going to the home in person (walk in)? Im an aftercare provider, I assist families after the funeral service. I would like them to use me as a resource for families needing additional help. I also have solutions on how they can attract and retain employees and clients. – Keristan


You should absolutely make cold calls. If you go in person, make sure you have a very nice presentation that you can leave behind. To help incentive funeral homes to give you business, offer them a finders fee.

Hello! I want to know how to grow my Private Chef services. I have sent out mailers to residential homes that should hit mailboxes today! How can i reach those people that afford my services? We also do healthy meal delivery? I also am on yelp, my own website, sb yellow pages, etc. Here is my website for you to review: www.foodie2go.net – Amber


I looked at your website. There is tremendous popularity in food trucks so this is one option. I feel you can also visit some large office complexes or high rise condos and set up a nice table with the permission of the landlord and start selling your product. This will be fastest way to expose your brand and create consistent growth. I see this happening all of the time in my Chicago High Rise condo and I have purchased food!

When selecting a team to help build from the core up, if you have not found the right people, what would you suggest? I’m thinking I may need to attend more events, network events, conferences, etc. thanks again in advance – Moses


Do not hire people just because you like them, hire people because they can do the job you want them to do. Do not hire people just because they were recommended, make sure their resumes can actually do the job you want them to do.

If you are looking to make hires, make sure you are posting the opportunities in places that are relevant to your business. Colleges are always looking to brag that they get people hired, so colleges/trade schools are a good place to post.