Learn how to “Hire Your Kids!” & Write It OFf

Image Courtesy of New Wealth University

Dr. Lynn Richardson

In this clip from Money Making Conversations Master Class Dr. Lynn Richardson discusses how to Hire Your Kids!

“Parents, there’s hope!  Learn how to get your kids in order and get your money back all at the same time in this gamechanging webinar. Why, because the IRS says you can hire your children to work in your homebased business, pay them tax free dollars, and write their salaries off when you run your homebased business like a business and document your expenses and business activity in compliance with IRS rules!  Now the money that you were spending anyway is a tax write-off.” Click Here To Learn More!

Named by Urban Influence Magazine as one of the 20 Hottest Influencers in America, Dr. Lynn Richardson is an author, entertainment executive and celebrity financial coach who uses her quick wit and humorous presentation style to help others face their money issues and achieve personal, professional and spiritual harmony.

With more than two decades of leading roles in the banking and real estate sales industries, Lynn’s vision is best portrayed in her books, most notably Living Check to Monday: The Real Deal About Money, Credit and Financial Security, which achieved Best Seller status at the Congressional Black Caucus Conference Book Pavilion.